Need good source to learn React

Hey guys … I need some good and effective source (documentation/tutorials)
to learn React. If anyone knows please lemme know !!

I learned React basics on sololearn (app on phone) and then came here to rehash what I learned. I like this approach because sololearn focused on react hooks more and FCC focused on classes so you get to have good in depth learning for the react basics on both classes and hooks.

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Just recently I managed to get a good grip on React reading React’s own documentation: Getting Started – React (
It’s pretty good even for beginners.

I’d recommend following these steps:

  1. Work through FCC’s React challenges. This should be fairly easy as they practically hold your hands all the way through.
  2. Skim through Getting Started – React ( and get an idea of the learning resources they recommend.
  3. (Optional) Read any of the recommended learning resources you are particularly interested in.
  4. Read and try your best to understand Thinking in React – React ( Refer to entries under “MAIN CONCEPTS” and “API REFERENCE” for anything you have difficulty understand.
  5. (Optional) Grab the Starter Code for the Tic Tac Toe app in Tutorial: Intro to React – React ( and try to finish building the app yourself using React. (Don’t stress at all if you feel you don’t know where to start. Just skip this step.)
  6. Follow through the tutorial from start to end.
  7. If you skipped step 5, try to rebuild the app from the Starter Code without referring to the tutorial.
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I would suggest Mike Dane. React.js tutorial This Is the link to his React.js video tutorial

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Fantastic! this is so helpful! Thanks!

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