Additional sources to learn React


I have recently completed Front End Development courses, but I don’t think that I understand React well enough. I only managed to complete the first project (Random quote machine) by heavily relying on a YouTube tutorial.

So I am looking for some additional sources to go through to better prepare myself for the front end projects. I was planning on going through the official React docs ( to reinforce my knowledge of React.

Does anyone have any additional tips/sources that I should look into?

Thanks for your answers in advance.

The official docs are a good place to start.

There are tons of resources on React. After you have learned the basics you will likely end up just searching for solutions to specific problems.

Some blogs worth checking out.

Traversy Media updated his React Crash Course

Here is a scrimba cource

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Those blogs mentioned are a treasure trove! Robin Weiruch, in addition to the blog, has a number of good books. The Road to React with Firebase helped immensely.

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Thank you for your suggestions.