What's the best or any place to learn once ReactJS? :/

I’m trying to learn reactjs, but I’m having a trouble to find content to learn. :confused:

I’m not there yet but I’ve been following lots of the Net Ninja’s playlists - he’s really amazing, straight to the point and structured. He’s got a playlist on React too, I would definitely check that out.


Thank you bro. I’ll take a look!

If you are totally new to React, you can go through the React challenges. They might still have some bugs, see:


Wow, really awesome. Thank you too!

OMG - how did I not know about this before!!! Thanks so much FCC for getting these up - truly needed :slight_smile: And thanks Ben for showing making us aware.

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The Free Code Camp React.js challenges are up here and Codecademy has a free course as well.

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check this course, it’s really a great course: https://www.udemy.com/the-complete-react-web-app-developer-course/

I’ve always hear mixed reviews about this. Are the lessons provided up-to-date? Meaning, does it uses ES6 syntax?

Love these courses :slight_smile: I would also add this tutorial that you recommended to me - The React Introduction For People Who Know Just Enough jQuery to Get By:


Super informative - if anyone needs help understanding React and the difference between jQuery and React.js - this is for you!


Like the vast majority of react tutorials out there, this ninja guy is using outdated syntax. I would stick to the Facebook docs. Should be the only resource you need. I know its complicated at first, but if you keep referencing the docs, by the time you’re working on your recipe box, everything will stat comign together.

I really enjoyed the NewBoston react tutorials…13 videos anywhere from 3 to 10 minutes long.

also, I wrote this little helper to write component files and save time, check it out, it should instal lcommand line and be used in the directory of your app. It generates a basic component file that you can then go in and edit.

I found youtube a big help. I found Traversy had some nice vidoes like this and this. There are others.

I found the visual aspect very helpful. Sometimes they went kind of fast, but I would just pause the video. Sometimes I would build it more than once. Eventually it started falling into place.

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