Help me find few good react courses?

I want to start learning React JS. And want to learn in practical ways so could build projects. Can somebody please suggest a few good courses. (Udemy or others)
It’s really difficult to decide as there are so many of them.
thank you.

React - The Complete Guide (incl Hooks, React Router, Redux) By Maximillian is pretty good, it’s really in depth as it’s 45 hours long. It assumes no previous knowledge of React JS, so it really builds up from scratch onto more of a solid understanding of it towards the end.

Along with that course I also used this course from Udemy, which has you build a fullstack application with ReactJS using Google Firestore for the backend, which he also covers, so it really helps put bigger projects into perspective on how everything should flow and hook up.


Search on Youtube or Udemy course is React front to end by Brad Traversy, he is really awsome and teach really easy to understand

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Neil’s course is good. Someone on twitter suggested me but as a beginner I am not sure about starting with it, I saw first two hours of max and didn’t like that much. May be will give a try again.
What do you think of colt steel’s course on react?

Yes he is good. will watch his react videos.

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I haven’t tried his React course, but as a teacher himself. I would say that he is really good, the way that he presents his courses and lectures is different from other courses that I’ve taken on Udemy, but in a good way. It makes it seem more interactive, plus he has a lot of practice as he would sometimes let you loose to figure out a solution for the project, followed along by his own solution.

Piggybacking on the jacki’s post, Brad Traversy is also a good choice, easy to understand, and pretty beginner friendly, while at the same time going over complex aspects. He does have free videos on React on his page, but also has Udemy courses for it as well if you want a more structured detailed course.

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Usually I recommend starting with the tutorial and then the main concepts in the official docs.

And then after that move on to an unofficial tutorial/reading.

But now that hooks are out and they seem so much nicer to use I don’t know if others would agree since the previous links use the class style of writing React.

It’s probably useful to understand both since in the wild you’ll run into both and it will improve your overall understanding.

The hooks intro in the docs is really great as well.

I just want to point these out because sometimes people tend to overlook the official docs for some reason when attempting to learn a new tech.


Thank you. I refer to docs whenever needed. however videos work best for me when I am just beginning…

Also the Hong Kong university has a course about React on Coursera.
It’s one of four courses (Bootstrap, React, Node/express and React Native, if I remember correctly) so it’s not as in-depth as other courses might be. Also I think it doesn’t use Redux

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I can recommend the tutorials from Robin Wieruch

He also wrote The Road to learn React and a few other books.

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I’m a big fan of Bob Zirolls React course on He has a free beginners course that was the only resource that I found to be crystal clear. He walks you through all the building blocks systematically and makes you do them along the way.
He just released an online advanced React bootcamp that follows on from that course.

Happy learning:slightly_smiling_face:

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The best react course ever on the internet is maded by KYLE

Yes I am doing that. thanks.

Thanks but too expensive for me.

109% agree on the stripe integration part. That section alone really help put in perspective on how to set up payments.

Now I can feel comfortable setting up some e-commerce site, knowing how to go about.

And yeah the graphql part is amazing as well, although I wish he would’ve went more into it, such as adding subscriptions for real-time data.

so many of good thing about Max’s course.

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I would like to find some course too.