Udemy and best JS, React, Node stuff, front-end, D3.js

Hi, I’ve done one of these pricey bootcamp schools but would like to dive more into the topics as I’ve found myself little struggling when starting real projects for portfolio (ideas, planning approach, code structure itself). I plan to order some leading courses from leading trainers like Andrew Mead, Stephen Grider, Brad Traversy, Maximilian Schwarzmüller, Colt Steele, Jonas Schmedtmann and the topics are JS, React+Redux, Node, MEAN/MERN stack, Bootstrap 4…
Anyone has some experience with these? Some recommendations or not recommended tutorials (means ones are better than others)? Heard that e.g Stephen Grider isn’t that cool compared to e.g Andrew Mead or Brad Traversy is overall very good…

I would like to treat them as my guides for creating portfolio with few/several apps or website portfolio

React 16 - The Complete Guide (incl. React Router 4 & Redux)
Autor: Academind by Maximilian Schwarzmüller

The Web Developer Bootcamp
Autor: Colt Steele, Developer and Bootcamp Instructor
The Advanced Web Developer Bootcamp
Autor: Colt Steele

Bootstrap 4 From Scratch With 5 Projects
Autor: Brad Traversy
Node.js, Express & MongoDB Dev to Deployment
Autor: Brad Traversy
MERN Stack Front To Back: Full Stack React, Redux & Node.js
Autor: Brad Traversy
React Front To Back
Autor: Brad Traversy
Modern JavaScript From The Beginning
Autor: Brad Traversy

Modern React with Redux
Autor: Stephen Grider
Advanced React and Redux: 2018 Edition
Autor: Stephen Grider

The Modern JavaScript Bootcamp (2018)
Autor: Andrew Mead
The Complete Node.js Developer Course (2nd Edition)
Autor: Andrew Mead
The Complete React Web Developer Course (with Redux)
Autor: Andrew Mead

The Complete JavaScript Course 2018: Build Real Projects!
Autor: Jonas Schmedtmann

JavaScript: Understanding the Weird Parts
Autor: Anthony Alicea

Learn and Understand D3.js for Data Visualization
Autor: Luis Ramirez Jr

Bootstrap 4 - Create 4 Real World Projects (Latest - 4.1v)
Autor: Code And Create

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my advice: start with colt steel, do all the js stuff, but stop half way through the course, (so after basic js), maybe some jQ.
then, go do:alicea’s course, js, the weird parts. whatever you do, do this course.
after that, finish colt steels course.
then pick something from max or alicea’s node course.
stay away from all that bootstrap bullshit. there are tons of styling frames out there, you have no idea what people use where you get a job, and you can pick it up in a few hours. so dont even bother.
after this, learn react. learn it good, with redux and react-redux, fcc has awesome stuff on it, and combine it witha course, from, i’d say max. i really like this guy. i did his vue stuff. it was brilliant.
from there you can go any place, what you want / need. more in depth on front-end , more back-end node / mongo, what ever. stay away from d3, cause its really job specific. but you can do basics if you like. im just saying, it hasnt got anything to do with “getting a dev job”.

Not sure if I’m allows to post a link here so I won’t, but google “all udemy courses under $10” and check out a coupon that makes all udemy courses cost $9.99.

To somewhat answer your question, I’ve done most of Colt’s web dev bootcamp and can’t recommend it enough for a beginner. It’s somewhat outdated, but he’s such a good teacher that I don’t think it matters. But you said you’ve already done a course, so some of it might be redundant for you.

I’m planning to skip his advanced web dev course because he doesn’t teach a lot of it. I am interested in all of his other courses though. I might take his JS datastructures and algorithms course next.

You can check out Brad Travery’s youtube page to get a feel for how he teaches. I did some of his beginner PHP course on youtube and found that he explains things well, but he also moves very quickly. I like to code along with the instructor, and I had to slow the videos down to .75x speed to keep up, and even then I had to pause it a few times because I fell behind.

thanks a lot, already did a cleaning in my Udemy basket :slight_smile: Just now for 4 more days there’s a big discount on almost everything on Udemy so I thought to buy them, check some parts of each within 30 days (yeah, pretty tiring process :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ) and return those which wouldn’t meet my expectations

dont worry, udemy as 90% of the stuff, for 90% of the time for sale

So it’s like these discounts will appear on each course anyway in the meantime? As I understand they are often offered on Udemy? :slight_smile: Didn’t know it, cool!

almost all teachers opt-in to the discounts.

some don’t, and those courses are never for sale.

Can I check who exactly had opted for discounts? Now every course is discounted

hah! you got me offguard there plearner!

there seems to be going on some general-discount action teachers cannot opt-out.

buying one myself! thanks :slight_smile:

great, You’ve made my day! :slight_smile:

Yeah it seems like every course is $10 right now. tbh there is never any reason to pay more than that for a udemy course. There are promotional links floating around that you can uncover with some googling that will make everything $10. I’m not really sure why courses are priced so high if they never sell for full price.


All of Andrew Mead, Stephen Grider, and Max S’s courses are essential. I haven’t done Jonas S’s JavaScript course, but I think his Advanced CSS course is the best CSS course on Udemy.

So that’s what I mean by asking about all these courses…they are hundreds hours of just following when summed :joy: and when added self involvement, coding alongside lecturer…insane, I’ll try to follow each part of topic provided by another lecturer to get the glimpse of each way of explaining things as it’s worthless to watch them all repeating endlessly the material

I took Jonas JavaScript course and I wouldn’t recommend it to a beginner, and even if you already know the basic of JS I’d say there are better resources to strengthen your knowledge such as FCC curriculum. I didn’t feel he was good at explaining certain concepts, but maybe that’s just me. However his Advanced CSS course is absolutely amazing, I’d recommend this to anyone who’s serious about becoming a frontend developer. Even now I still use reference from this course, it’s just that good.

On the other hand, I’d like to see some opinions aboud Stephen Grider Modern React with Redux course as I’m about to start the journey of learning React and I don’t want to waste time.

If somebody is a rank beginner to JavaScript, Andrew Mead’s JavaScript Bootcamp is definitely the way to go.

ok, I’m checking Colt Steele’s Web Dev bootcamp and it took about an hour to get into almost an end of JS section and I feel I know it all, my knowledge is HTML/CSS/Sass/(no bootstrap), JS basics-intermediate like I would rather need a patterns used in JS, filtering, using built-in functions for real-life projects, problems to solve or more advanced todo list to create (I did some but very basic with tasks to add/edit/remove, check/uncheck done, count done tasks…now I would add for each task an editable deadline, etc), saw some in Jonas JS course but it seems little too difficult all these tasks to count things…I’ll do javascript30.com exercises. I definitely need ES6/7 deep dive, more advanced with even small tasks, apps, projects to solidify the practical knowledge as it’s used in React heavily.
I know React, classes, operating the DOM, events, states, props, methods (including fat arrow usage and ‘this’), lifecycle methods, even react-router but lacks some ES6 notation found often in more advanced or intermediate solutions on stack overflow which I hardly understand. Also I lack overal how to compose a serious app in React I would attach to portfolio like create gallery which can operate via API with images but also photos can be added, managed, organized in catalogues, photo tiles placements changeable via drag&drop, etc

I feel I need strong JS ES6/7, solid React+redux (maybe react-native also) to get a guide how to write my apps, maybe some Node.js or MERN/React+redux+Node stack, something to jump right away to projects where some tough parts are then explained.

about Bootstrap I was interested in those courses as they provide complete few projects done and that’s what I need, React, JS, bootstrap, React with back-end Node addition projects to analyze alongside the lecturer, stuff like that

I have now Colt Steels both Bootcamps, T.Alicea’s JS Weird Parts and Andrew Mead’s JS so will check rest of Complete Web Developer Bootcamp, It’s very good, ideal for someone who has zero knowledge and starts from total scratch so all this introduced basic stuff is to be bypassed to me. From section with building guessing color game in pure js + css it really turnes into more serious stuff.

I think I will spend a lot of time with Udemy courses…

Hmm…after some part of C.Steele Web developer bootcamp and T.Alicea JS the weird parts I’ve found by accident the watchandcode.com and it’s just as promising as I don’t know what…recommend any of You to try his free practical javascript, now I’m about to enroll to his premium stuff,
:wink: honest guy, very like :smiley:

Udemy stuff is probably also good but this watchandcode.com seems very promising to learn actually how to think programming any language…and get rid of tutorials at some point of experience.