Best udemy courses?

All Udemy courses are $19 thru Feb. What are some of the best courses that people have done? React? Redux? Node? Etc?

I took this Node course and it was spectacular!
Great explanations, the instructor breaks down complex concepts. Overall it’s a great beginner introduction to NodeJS. Heavy on concepts and top view explanations but not enough coding for me.

forget about buying courses - all you need is already for free in the internet -
nodejs redux(from it’s creator) react - are the perfect courses
also good courses on frontendmasters : “
Complete Intro to React v2 (feat. Router v4 )” - BTW it was recorded on Dec. 2016- so fresh enough

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The best instructors:


Just pick any course! You cant miss it

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Don’t you have to have pro for some of those? I have watched some of the first few vids of each of those

on egghead more then a half of courses are free to watch. On frontendmasters -yes you must be a pro. Write me in personal which one you need may be I can help you

I don’t “need” anythign right now that I havn’t had time to look for, but just thought with the $19 sale if there were any “must haves” I wouldn’t have to wait till the next sale.

I bought a 50% off Front end masters last year and have watched 1/2 of one of the reacct courses and it was way too complex for me. The owner suggested wes bos’ course as a better intro. Now that I have done more react stuff I think the FEM will make more sense.

Stephen Grider’s courses are great.

I took both of his React courses as well as his MongoDB course, and I took a Webpack one that he made, too.

The Mongo one is great because it gives you a lot of information about testing database functionality. If you care about TDD, then it’s worth checking out.

The React ones are both really good, too - I still refer back to the example projects I made when I’m making FCC projects. The advanced React course is especially helpful once you get to the full stack projects, because it gives you loads of great info about both client side and server side authentication.

I went on Udemy this week to look at some Java courses and everything was reduced to $10 until March 1st. Go grab some of the courses while they’re this cheap.

Also… the Node course by Anthony Alicea is great too. I went through both that and the Grider Mongo course once I reached the backend section, and it gave me a great start. I was able to complete all of the APIs within about 2 weeks after watching, so definitely worth the money I paid!

Here’s a well researched page on 2017’s best udemy courses consider looking, I am liking their layout… One more thing, these courses are available for $10 each, hope you all are aware of it.

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