Udemy Black Friday Binge Learn Sale (Courses $11)

The sale runs through 11.25. Today (11.16), the cost of courses is $11. The price will continue to increase every other day.

For those interested in paid resources, I can highly recommend:
Anthony Alicea’s "Learn and Understand NodeJS"
Andrew Mead’s “Complete React Web App Developer Course”

The forums have other recommendations as well!

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Udemy always tend to have “sales” every month so do not feel tempted to buy now.

That being said, I also recommend Anthony’s “Learn and Understand NodeJS”.

My other recommendation would be Stephen Grider’s Modern React.

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Courses that I would recommend :

Colt Steele’s the web developer bootcamp (fullstack javascript)
Jason Cannon’s Linux courses (for beginners)
Nathan House cyber security courses (very very knowledgeable if you’re interested in the subject)

Another vote for Learn and Understand Node JS

I also recommend The Complete NodeJS Developer course 2.0 for a more practice-based Node course.
Be sure to go with version 2.0 of the course if you want to learn MongoDB (1.0 had mySQL) and testing.

I am also thinking of getting Javascript Design Patterns. Has anyone tried it? Is it useful?

I actually got two of the already mentioned courses a couple of days ago (Modern React with Redux, The Complete React Web App Developer Course), so I’m happy to see them spoken highly of.

They are way out of my league right now though, so I’ll have to wait with starting them. Any suggestions as to how far into the FCC course one should be before taking on either of these? Should I perhaps finish the entire front end module before thinking of checking these out?

Update: I did end up getting the javascript design pattern course for free. Not sure if it just became free since this morning or what… but when I returned to my shopping cart after a few hours, it was free.


I would definitely recommend finishing the front-end cert first. I actually came to the “Complete React…” course after doing the Node course I mentioned, but I can say the pacing of the course is very comfortable and should be accessible after just studying front-end. There’s a bit of Node (15 lines?) to set up a server, but the instructor leads you through it, and it’s very minor.

I would recommend considering whether you want both courses… I originally bought both too, but after starting “Complete React…” and reviewing its content (nearly 30 hours now), I decided I wouldn’t go through the highly-recommended Modern React and Redux (but maybe look at the advanced course later). You can refund a course for up to 30 days after purchase on Udemy! For my review of “Complete React…” see here: https://forum.freecodecamp.com/t/resources-for-learning-react-redux/672/31?u=blackmorrow

That’s helpful. I was wondering whether I’d actually make use of both, or if it would be a good deal of overlapping, I figured I could look into it and get a refund for one of them, but I didn’t actually get as far as checking it out yet. I also think the FCC React course will be out well before I’m done with my first cert too, so realistically speaking, I probably don’t need that, two courses AND everything on youtube, lol…

Colt Steele’s MySQL course.


Very accessible for beginners, and uses Node rather than PHP.

SQL databases are by far the biggest gap in the FCC curriculum. SQL is the most used, most sought after language in the world, and its a great thing to have on your resume. Also, getting a handle on Relational Databases is fundamental to understanding the data structures behind any kind of web app.

True, Colt can get a bit random, but feel free to skip the bits when he talks about his cat.