Udemy's best-ever Black Friday sale going on right now!

Udemy has all of their courses for $9.99 right now through Black Friday! If there’s a course you’ve been thinking about getting, now is the time to get it!

The deal gets better than that though, as Udemy is running a limited-time “BOGO”—buy one course now (on Black Friday), get another one for free on Cyber Monday (11/26)! So you effectively get two courses for the price of one! Just hit their website to get the deal, it shows up when you go to checkout.

Here are some specific courses that I recommend:

***A must-do course for any aspiring web dev; everyone should do it! The sequel course, The Advanced Web Developer Bootcamp, isn’t as good and not really a must-do. A similar highly-rated course, Rob Percival’s The Complete Web Developer Course 2.0, isn’t anywhere as good and I recommend avoiding that one.

Also, for those who don’t mind paying money for a more intermediate-level resource, SitePoint Premium’s 12-month membership is 50% off only during Black Friday: https://www.sitepoint.com/premium/l/half-off-black-friday

I highly recommend SitePoint, it’s a great site that has a lot of content (in the form of video courses and professionally-written ebooks) that tends to cater to professional developers. As such it’s not really ideal for beginners, but it’s perfect for those who already have the fundamentals down and are looking to level up to intermediate or advanced.


I actually am going to recommend Modern Javascript Bootcamp by Andrew Mead.

Like I’ve said many times, this guy is a GREAT teacher. He’ll take you in-depth on every concept while keeping things short and to-the-point, nearly every lesson (video) comes with a challenge where you’ll be asked to do a specific thing using the concept learned. I’ve learned a lot during this one.

He also has courses on Node and React, among others.

Other teachers I can recommend are:


Plus you get 1 free, but it ended last night at midnight :slight_smile:

Algorithms and data structures becomes hard when comes to visualization. I have created an Udemy course on ‘Visualizing Data Structures and Algorithms in Java’. You can enroll at below link -

Visualizing Data Structures and Algorithms in Java"

The course walks you through multiple algorithms, data structures problems and their solutions with step by step visualizations, so that you are actually learning instead of blindly memorizing solutions.

The course covers in and outs of Data Structures and Algorithms in Java. The implementation of various Algorithms and Data Structures have been demonstrated and implemented through animated slides. It covers most of the interview room questions on Algorithms and Data Structures.