Udemy Christmas $10 offer

Hi all,

Christmas offer on UDEMY, Following are the Best courses I suggest to any who start their carrer as Web developer,
web-design-for-beginners-real-world-coding-in-html-css - Brad Schiff
Build Responsive Real World Websites with HTML5 and CSS3 - Jonas Schmedtmann
Git a Web Developer Job: Mastering the Modern Workflow -Brad Schiff
The Web Developer Bootcamp - colt steele

Joseph Raj


I am not getting $10, it is ‘Tis the Season to learn $15 courses’

I’ve been comtemplating on getting this one or two of this course ever since I heard from it, whic was earlier yesterday, would you guys recommend me this or just go off FCC and other free resources out there?

You really can’t go wrong with a $10 course, just sayin’. I have a about 5 or 6 courses on Udemy that I got for $10-20, and I have about one or two more that I am interested in getting. Of course there are free courses out there, and those are great too, but, I don’t have a problem getting a technology course for myself that is worth about a couple pops and 1-2 pizza slices. :slight_smile:

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Yeah, I couldn’t wait and got all of the course you recommended after I did a little bit of reseach. So the way you get to the $10 discount is after your purchased a recent course, and they send you an email with the promotion on it, once you click it that’s when the other course are offererd at the rate.

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Makes sense, that happened to me one time. Or you can hit take this course now, and switch the SEASON204 coupon out to SEASON202 like p1xt mentioned. I tried it out now without buying a course and it worked.

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Just spent 140€ for 14 courses…

Couple of JS, Full-stack, jQuery, few Bootstrap and Webdesign, IOS10, Linux, Ethic Haking, Node.js and SQL

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Just wanted to say that I’m currently taking one of the courses mentioned here, The Web Developer Bootcamp on Udemy by Colt Steele. If someone is considering it or considering taking a Udemy web development course, then I’d recommend this one a lot, especially now when you can get this gem for a very cheap price. Just wanted to leave that here in case it might benefit anyone. :slight_smile:


@AmirF27 Thank you! I have been contemplating taking this course through Udemy.com since I’ve been told that anyone can teach a course and be very caution…

Also I have been curious of the $15 course, is this an “introductory” price to get you in the door? Say I want to get another course… Am I stuck with the full price of the course once I pay for my first one or are they all that introductory rate?

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@justdavis83 You’re very welcome, glad I could be of help. The Web Developer Bootcamp is an extensive course covering both front end and back end, and it’s been said it’s probably the most comprehensive web development course on Udemy, and I can confirm that actually. It’s very comprehensive indeed, Colt’s style is just amazing, and there are also Gitter groups where you can find help with a large community. If you do decide to buy it, then we have a small group on Gitter where we help each other and share resources and stuff, so if you’d like, you can search for my username (it’s the same as here) and drop me a message, and I’d gladly talk to the guy who created the group so he can add you.

Regarding your question about the prices, on Black Friday there was a similar sale and I got 3 courses each for $10, so I would assume it’s the same this time too, meaning you can get as many as you want and each would be $15. So, no, most likely you won’t have to pay full price for a second course.

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@P1xt I totally agree. Given the chance, I would have bought it even at full price. By the way, is it ok if I used that code too? I’m considering getting an AngularJS course…

@AmirF27 Git a Web Developer Job: Mastering the Modern Workflow , its a very great and interesting tutorial, Very nice author Mr. Brad Schiff.
its one of the course I have completed whole…
I made this site by going through that tutorial… https://josephrajp.github.io/travel-site/

Recommended for freshers who knows little HTML, CSS & Javascript///

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Impressive! Maybe I should take the course as a refresher…

Use the Chrome extension Honey to get coupon codes!

I live in Ukraine and there are no offers for me on the Udemy website. :disappointed:

Oh, so that’s not so bad. Because I’ve already thought they don’t offer any discounts in my region.

Thanks, was waiting for the next $10 code to use on a bunch of courses! Bought Colt Steele’s course just for the more advanced stuff (since I pretty much have the basics of Web dev down at this point) along with Git a Web Developer Job, since I’m now using Gulp but could use additional pointers on workflow.

I don’t suppose anyone has any feedback on these courses that I also bought? I know they’re not Web development but I thought I’d ask anyway. I already know Java and Python moderately well, just looking to step up my game to a more intermediate/advanced level with them.

Hi there, this link seem to be expired, use this one instead, all courses for $10

There is a new offer my friend, Udemy new year offer, $10/course till 11th Jan, do check here