Colt Steele new course: Advanced Developer Bootcamp

I know his course is popular here and I liked it a lot so I wanted to pass on this new course. I got an email from Rithm School with it and a discount for the course.


Buy it for 10 dollars !

It’s currently on sale for $12. Pretty amazing deal for all of that content.

Udemy is very known for their 10$ sells :slight_smile: 3/4 of the time, it’s at this price !
But if you ‘can’t wait’, 2$ is still very ok :slight_smile:

Yeah, $12 isn’t that special, so if you are on the verge, don’t feel like you have to get it now when you aren’t ready for it. Just google “Udemy coupon” and you can almost always find a $10 one. Also, a camper here made a cool chrome extension that gives you free coupon codes to a lot of Udemy courses. I don’t know if every course is good, but I have got some decent ones for free.

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Are you guys really saying $12 isn’t a great deal?? :astonished:

Paying an extra $2 for 27 hours of content is hardly an inconvenience. Given the quality of Colt’s previous course, anything under triple digits is a steal…


Some of us have tight budgets. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

My point wasn’t to save $2. I meant that deals like this are common, so if you are on the css section or working on mongo (like me) for example, there is no need to buy this course now when you aren’t going to use it. It’s a great deal, but you can wait till you are ready instead of splurging on the moment (like I did when I first saw a Udemy sale…)

Exactly. If you are in an Hurry, yes. But because 90% of the time the price is as low as $10, why would you buy it at $12 ?
It’s only cool if you can and want to give more money to the creator courses.
And if you already bought a course from the guy, you receive constant reduction % by him.
And the price is VERY VERY often at $10.
The good deal would be to find courses bellow $10 because i don’t think i ever saw one (except free of course).

are you guys seriously debating over $2??


Great course. Completed the CSS modules and currently halfway through the React stuff. Really good explanations of all the topics and good exercises too.

Worth every penny

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woop woop. Whenever I want to get a udemy course, udemy just KNOWS. 10 dollar sale. Thanks udemy. You the real mvp. :1st_place_medal:

@wildlifehexagon, @Gwesolo

How is the D3 section? Is it well laid out and up-to-date with latest version of D3? I have tried some stuff before, but it was all confusing and using older version of D3.

Hello. I just started the D3 section, so I can’t comment on quality, but I can tell you that the version the teacher uses is version 4. Specifically, it looks like 4.10.0.

Hope that helps some.

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Unfortunately, I haven’t tried the D3 section yet.

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I went ahead and got it last night (for $10 of course :laughing:), and I believe it will be good!

Just bought this myself, looks interesting , I’m going to go thru it while trying to finish up the backend projects , hopefully will pick up some nuggets

Just finished the css section, I actually learnt quite a few things from it, I was clueless about flexbox and animation with css for instance, now I have a better idea about those things, I even implemented my rudimentary understanding of them in my last full stack app: , Also with flexbox I can now start to wean myself off of my heavy reliance of bootstrap.

yeah probably, but trust me you better spen 10$ and buy that course on udemy itself. it provides renewable content, forums, qa and is more convinient. your budget might be small but the course is steal for 10$.

Is his first bootcamp course a prerequisite for this? I bought his original but only finished half before my add got the best of me and I jumped to something else. Is his old course outdated by now?

If you have a decent handle on HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Node you don’t need to take Colt’s first course but it is still very good content.

It doesn’t use the latest ES6 features but there’s very little that is totally outdated. For example Bootstrap 4 is still only is beta so the fact that Colt’s course uses Bootstrap 3 isn’t a big issue.