Udemy React course by andrew mead or advance web dev bootcamp by colt steel?

andrew mead’s course has like 30 hours of react videos, but colt steel’s has a lot of material in his course like flexbox react and d3. Would the react material covered by colt steel’s course be enough to do the react projects? Or would mead’s course be better?

I haven’t done colt’s advanced course (just the basics one) but i’m working through andrew meads at the moment and highly rate it. I also tried the stephen grider course but didn’t like the style that much. Andrew’s course goes into details on things like webpack and ES6 which I am really appreciating.

I might go back and do colt’s advanced but I also think at this point flexbox you can pickup yourself easily and you can do more specialised courses on the topics that interest you from this course.


cool thanks, have one more day before sale ends

@angelbenoit , don’t be fooled by the Udemy sales. They happen frequently. I bought several courses in early December because there was a sale and i was just getting familiar with the site. Then, there was a pre-Christmas sale, a New Years resolution type sale, and now this one.

Basically, if you buy a Udemy course for full price, you’ve made a mistake, imo. I mean, maybe they love doing sales in December and January but won’t the rest of the year. I highly doubt that, though. This is a typical retail trick. Overprice something and then mark it down. The endorphins from “WOW, LOOK AT THIS DEAL!” are hard to resist. Retailers know that.


$10 sales year round. Best deal is on Black Friday when you can buy one $10 course, get one free ($5 each basically).


they screwed me with that one, I bought like 3 courses this black friday…

I tried the Stephen Grider React course, but I found it kind of weird. He jumps straight into the deep end and I just couldn’t absorb it. I ended up taking this one instead: https://www.udemy.com/react-the-complete-guide-incl-redux/ and it’s been GREAT. I’m about half way through it, and Max does a really good job of explaining subtleties. There’s a relatively meaty project halfway that helped me become much more fluent in React, and I feel pretty confident that once I finish this course, i’d be ready to do my own React projects. I did get the advanced developer bootcamp course as well, but I haven’t tried it yet. I figured it would be more general than a dedicated React course, which is why I bought Max’s course.

Ye im doing the react-the-complete-guide … as well, Im finding it very comprehensive, and a lot to take in but not difficult … I find Max great and watch a lot of his videos on you tube.

I’m taking Andrew’s Meteor and React course (70% complete) and I love it. It covered so much more than I expected and takes you from set up to deployment in a very easy to follow way. He adds challenges so you can apply more than just memorize. He has concise explanations that are easy to digest. He also replies quickly to Q+A. I highly recommend Andrew’s course. I’ll be doing the Redux one as soon as I complete it.

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The reviews on the React section of Colt Steel’s course are not that great. I can recommend Andrew Mead’s course. He’s a really solid teacher and the stuff is very beginner-friendly. However, it might not be the most up to date.

If I were learning React now, I’d go for Maximilian Schwarzmuller’s course:


He’s a better teacher than the other guys and its bang up to date.


This may not be as popular as the Udemy ones,
but look for David Mosher on Youtube.
I LOVED how he explains things

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https://www.udemy.com/react-2nd-edition/ updated 12/2018

https://www.udemy.com/react-the-complete-guide-incl-redux/ also updated 1/2019

https://www.udemy.com/react-redux/ updated 12/2018

which is the best?

I believe you should by the the second and the third, the are like yin yang, Stefan is good for the start, maximilian covers more. after all, you have to practice a lot, by the way you should by CSS course by Maximilian Shwartzmuler, the best CSS cousre as far I know, Meads courses are crup.

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what does crup means?

Colt Steele released his new React course. I must say, the projects in his course is pretty much the best you will ever get in all the courses on Udemy.

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to anybody reading this in 2019 the Advanced web dev bootcamp is NOT a good course to take. The only thing I found to be decent material was the section on AJAX… Colt is a great instructor but he has a few other folks as instructors for a majority of the course and they are not good at teaching - whatsoever. I’m nearly halfway through Andrew meads React course and I really enjoy it. He is a great teacher. If you’re considering one or the other I would say pick up andrew meads course. He has updated it so the content is not as dated and the Advance web dev course was unbelievably disappointing. The material is nowhere near the same quality as the first web dev bootcamp by Colt Steele.

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