Best Udemy Course to learn React and Node?

I was interested in learning Full stack Javascript. In React, I was confused between Stephen Grider’s
and Andrew Mead’s. In Node, has anyone taken Andrew’s course?

Any other great courses on Udemy or any other platform which have great courses on the following topics?

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I’m taking Andrew’s course and so far I can tell it’s very good, I also bought Stephen Grinder’s Node with React course, which I will do after I finish this one.

So, I think you can’t find better Udemy courses on React than these two, and you definitely won’t go wrong if you choose any of them.

I just finished Stephen’s Mongo course, and it was very good. I believe that @JacksonBates has done some of Mead’s courses, so he might be able to assist you there. I have also heard that Pluralsight’s React course is very good, and you can get a free pluralsight trial with a free visual studio account, you can search the forums for more information on that.


I’ve done half of Mead’s React course and it was great.

I personally wouldn’t hesitate trying his Node course, but I can’t really recommend it as I haven’t done that one.

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I attempted Stephen Grider’s React course but gave up on it (and got a refund) because I wasn’t learning anything from his approach, which was basically “follow what I do and maybe you’ll learn React”. I’d be much more inclined to take Andrew Mead’s course, as he actually explained things in the few preview videos that I watched.

If you want to learn Node.js in particular, Colt Steele’s The Web Developer Bootcamp and Brad Schiff’s Git a Web Developer Job are both very useful for that.


I can’t comment on Grider’s, but Mead’s approach is to get you to build an app with him. He shows you a concept and builds a feature, then he makes you pause the video and gets you to build the next feature using the technique you just saw.

If you skip that you learn nothing - it the best part of the course IMO.


Maximilian Schwarzmüller launched a new React course just yesterday. Obviously I cannot comment on that course yet but if it is anything like his others then it will be very comprehensive.

I’ve done Andrew Mead’s Node course - well, most of it. It is very solid and goes from first principles and he explains everything very clearly. The only criticism is that his style does get a bit slow and robotic after a while.

There is another course by Sachin Bhatnagar on Node which I would also recommend. The pace is much faster and he covers more ground (and he is a lot nicer to listen to). But you can’t go wrong starting with Mead.

The only thing which is holding me back from taking this course is that the projects are awful. You have a ToDo app as the main project along with other 3 projects. What’s your opinion about the projects?

Colt Steele recently released a follow-up course to his famous Web Developer Bootcamp called the Advanced Web Developer bootcamp. I’m about halfway through it and am thorughly impressed with the quality. What’s especially good is how hard they hammer in the necessary (yet challenging) JS fundamentals like callbacks, Promises, higher order functions, closures, and ‘this’ before moving on. Would definitely recommend:


Are there any good Node.js courses on other websites? Or even good books.

Wes Bos has a course he released this year on Node. I haven’t taken this specific course, but he’s an excellent teacher:


A todo app is a pretty standard way of teaching the basic CRUD operations. If you want more interesting apps, try the Bhatnagar course.

this page may help you Most Used JS Framework Udemy Courses Free (Worth ~2000$ )

Completely agree. Have done a few of his courses and they are brilliant. The redux one is definitely worth checking out.

I did quite a lot of Node/Express courses. Grider is a good one for React combo. For Express API as Backend to Angular or React I can suggest “Backend API - Fast Track”, but that one uses TypeScript…