The Complete Web Developer in 2018 - Udemy Review

The Complete Web Developer in 2018 - Udemy Review
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This is my review of the udemy course The Complete Web Developer in 2018: Zero to Mastery Roadmap from Andrei Neagoie
VS The Web Developer Bootcamp from Colt Steele.

Given that I’m the original poster of the The Web Developer Bootcamp Udemy Review from Colt Steel I get a lot of notifications. It currently has 36k views so you’ve probably seen it. In the conversisions people started talking about Andrei’s Neagoie’s course, and I thought maybe I would check it out and let you know what I think.

The verdict.

So finished up the HTML and CSS sections. This is from video 1 to 61. I have to really say that I am not that impressed. What makes The Web Developer Bootcamp so special is I KNEW HTML and CSS because I’ve had to build several small things along the way. Colt has slides, and does a deep dive into the fundamentals. So far we’ve built a form, and some basic selectors and then jumps to us watching with with flexbox. Colt teaches you first, then shows you what you need to build. Only after that he shows you how to do it. He doesn’t get too deep into it. I am really not impressed with the quality of the content on some of the fundamentals.

I ended up getting a refund on this course. Colt, teaches you arrays, objects and the other data structures. I really feel like this could have been a lot better. The whole thing felt like scratching on the surface, and definitely not mastery. Go and buy The Web Developer Bootcamp.

What do I like about Andrei’s course:

What he has differently that Colt does not have is a discord. I think that was genius. I wish when I was struggling through JavaScript that I didn’t have to it alone. He’s building a community and that has so much value. I will finish the rest of this and let you know but I may end up getting a refund.

How could have Colt improved his course?

He could have finished YelpCamp. However; I was able to expand what I already knew because the fundamentals were there.


can you suggest me a good javascript course ? because i am a beginner in javascript


Colt Steele does teach you JavaScript. He’s not teaching you asyc, await, or any of the new stuff.

I’m telling you it will take you far. Not all the way but far.


So Colt won for you?


Yes. He gave us several times to build on things that we learned and sometimes made us find it ourselves. When you were asked to make things like the photo gallery he asked you to make it first.

I skipped the bootstrap section and got through the javascript part which is very very short. Just brushed over so he can “teach you” more technology.


what to do with andrei then, refund?


I believe you could start by taking this course: Javascript tutorial for new web developers. It’s only 1 hour long but very straightforward.

Also, what helped me to learn coding while I was a beginner is reading code theory which clearly explains all operations together with practicing coding on various free hosting sites. Here is JavaScript theory for you: Javascript basics

Hope this helps!


Yes, I did. Could you remove your rating… unless you think it’s really a 5 star course then let me know Im wrong!


I agree. This course is only for those who already have their concepts clear from other programming language and want to learn JavaScript in a short time. Disappointed!