Who's web development course do you recommend, Colt Steel or Angela Yu or Andrei Neagoie. You can recommend any other instructor as well. Thanks

I have some experience thanks to freecodecamp.
Freecodecamp is not at all bad, so you don’t need to feel bad.
It is because I don’t understand things very well. Probably even their courses won’t be able to teach me everything. Freecodecamp is awesome,no doubt, I just felt the need for another source.
I hope you understand and don’t feel bad.


Hey there,

what do you not understand?

Do you think that changing the source will give you a better understanding?

I want video tutorials and more in-depth training. Freecodecamp…for me at least doesn’t seem teach important concepts. You can’t go as a complete beginner to freecodecamp. Of course it is AWESOME. But I am not able to get some concepts. I am not able to code on my own.
I am a newbie, I don’t know much. So I’ll use freecodecamp and the course which you recommend simultaneously. For better learning.

have you tried with googling just the concepts you don’t understand?

using the documentation? devdocs.io or MDN


I don’t know much. There is no one to guide me

I recommend jonas schmedtmann for html, javascript and node.js and javascript or maximilian schwarzmüller because they explain things. Brad Traversy is also good for HTML and CSS he have a youtube channel. I dont really like all in one course but if i will choose it will be Colt Steele.


you will find stuff you do not understand in any course. If you try to google or anyway apply the Read-Search-Ask method when you are confused, you will be able to advance much better.

Every programmer will do that multiple times per day, or even per hour - it’s normal to be confused, it’s normal to find something difficult.


Thanks a lot.
I will take Colt steel’s course. It is 5 years old. What have you got to say about that.
Angela’s and Andrei’s courses are fresh, just about 1-2 years old

I did the Angela Yu one in full it’s excellent, don’t know about Colt Steele. I did one of Andre Neagoie’s once and it was really poor.

Jonas Scmedtmann’s courses are waaayyyyy too long, his Node.js course is 40 straight hours of video of him making one API and it’s extremely boring and drawn out. Angela Yu’s is 50 hours but it covers pretty much everything in the JS stack.

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Yup Jonas Scmedtmann’s was too long but it’s worth it. Really comprehensive and you will learn best practices and real world application of Node.js but i dont recommend it if you are total beginner it can be overwhelming. I would recommend Node.js from Maximillian. Right now I am learning Maximilian React course he is one the best teacher. Highly recommended React course if you want to dig deeper.

FCC or W3Schools for text-based. Before you spend any money try w3schools first.
Ignore the outdated comments about it. It has helped me to understand some concepts.

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Me too, highly recommend Jonas Schmedtmann, he is really wonderful not only in teaching programming languages but aslo how to think like a programmer, how to fix the problem you meet.
I got his javaScript and nodeJs courses and they are really more than perfect.

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Check out Scrimba.com. They have a code editor so you can edit the instructors code or easily code along. They have every subject you need

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Personally, doing text-based course gets boring. I took Maximilian Schwarzmüller JavaScript course(it’s pretty extensive) and i find fCC JavaScript curriculum relatively easy - excluding the algorithm challenges. So, i would recommend it.


YouTube Coursera and Udemy have thousands of free and paid courses

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Hi @gururajankappa!
There are a lot of great options listed in the discussion thread and it seems like you are going to go with Colt’s class. I haven’t done his web dev course but I am currently taking his Data Structures course and I am really enjoying it.

While these are good options make sure not to get trapped in what is called tutorial hell. I was stuck there for about a month and finally broke out of it when I started CS50 and went back to freeCodeCamp.

If you google tutorial hell you will find dozens of articles and videos talking about how EASY it is to jump from video to video coding along with the instructor. However, when you try to build something on your own you find out that you can’t do it.

I think learning from videos can be great if you do it properly.

Here is my suggestion. When you go through Colt’s course watch the lesson, do the assignment and then pause the video and minimize the window. From there, open up your code editor and practice an example of your own.

For example, Colt has a section on HTML lists. Watch the video, do the assignment and then minimize the window and practice an example of your own. Repeat that process for each section like divs, tables, forms ,etc. You will learn so much more that way than watching countless hours of videos coding along with the instructor. Then you can revisit some of the exercises on freeCodeCamp and have a better understanding of what is going on.

The thing I love about freeCodeCamp is that it does challenge you and stretch you but it is rewarding when you figure it out. So take your time with any course you choose and with enough practice you will be able to build things on your own.

Happy Coding!


Lol the exact same thing is happening to me

Still thinking about it. Could you help me out? Thanks

Exactly. But I think I need the course. I’ll learn from it exactly in the way you told me to.

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I haven’t taken Colt’s web dev course but he gets really good reviews on udemy. My first course was actually on edx and it covered HTML and CSS basics. I didn’t pay for that course but instead audited it for free. Then I took Jonas’ course because he teaches you HTML and CSS through a cool project.

I also did part of Angela’s course and I really liked her teaching style.

At the end of the day you can’t go wrong with any of the options mentioned. It just takes time to learn how to code.

I am beginner as well (3 months in) but I just kept practicing until it started to make sense. Now, I feel pretty comfortable with HTML and CSS and I am finally able to code small things in Javascript. You just have to be patient with the learning process and be comfortable with being uncomfortable sometimes.

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