Thinking of buying these 3 Udemy courses. Any feedback appreciated

The Web Developer Bootcamp
By Colt Steele, Developer and Bootcamp Instructor

The Complete JavaScript Course: Build a Real-World Project
By Jonas Schmedtmann, Bestselling Instructor, Web Designer and Developer

Build Responsive Real World Websites with HTML5 and CSS3
By Jonas Schmedtmann, Bestselling Instructor, Web Designer and Developer

Saw a post on my local FCC page about the sale at Udemy. Did some minimal research in the forums and also came across these courses recommended by other users. The same user (who i follow and read most of this posts/answers) highly recommended one of these courses (Colt Steele’s) but also bashed Udemy in another post so im sort of confused on his take and would like some feedback if youve used these.

I have surgery coming up and will be able to sit around all day and soak this stuff up so im thinking at $10 a pop (with coupon code SEASON202) They could be a nice addition to my education.

My general questions are:

Are they all necessary (any redundancy?) for me as a beginner?

Which one would you jump into NOW/First?

In which order should i take the courses?

Are there any/other MUST have courses that will be overtly beneficial to me that i should pick up during the sale?



I’m taking the first course now (Colt’s Web Dev Bootcamp). So far I did a little bit more than a half of it and I highly recommend it!
The teaching style is great, very clear, interesting, and most importantly - with a lot of opportunities for exercises and projects (some as “code along” and others by yourself).
I think it is a great combination with FCC.
Let me know if you have any other questions about this course!


Colt Steele has been a very good course so far. Just starting the JavaScript section and it’s nice. Good steady pace. I was in your shoes and ended up going with colts because of his extensive section on JS

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I`m also doing The web developer bootcamp by Colt Steele. I have only done 1/4 of the course yet, im finishing bootstrap section and im going to start with javascript. I have some previous knowledge, but this is by far the best starting course i have done by now

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Although the temptation is great I wouldn’t buy everything at once. If you start Colt Steele’s course (which I love), or any other course for that matter, you’ll want to start putting it into practice right away. That way you’ll have more questions, better understanding, and a better idea of what you want to do next.


+1 on Anthony Alicea’s Javascript Understanding the weird parts. It’s like an audio book more than a course, at least so far, but he explains a lot really well. Definitely worth the 10 dollars. Also, feel free to jump in to any of the courses; Udemy has a 30 day money back garantee and they are great about it. I’ve been refuned two courses so far, and it’s a quick process.

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I really like the order you have mentioned here. I am also in both of the courses by Colt and Jonas. Even i am also thinking same like you first taking the colt’s html and css part and completing the jonas course and then only start with javascript. I really like this approach. Thanks!