Recommend a book on react

can anyone recommend a decent book on react? i need to learn react thoroughly to be able to move on and i’m so lost on the react secition . i tried the tutorial on the react startup section someone recommended and that wasnt much help. im willing to pay for a decent book as long as i learn something from it. im asking here because i dont want to do a rash thing like order eloquent javascript that was the worse money wasted ever.

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Hi @fredsmith27182 !

I really like Flavio Copes’ beginner materials.

You can try his react guide.

thanks alot. ill check it out

Flavio Copes’ beginner materials helped me a lot.

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why book, why not something like-

Im not a fan of learning coding from books, you might grab some ideas and principles, but the actual process of coding? Not that i have tried seriously that road, but it just doesnt make sense.

PS: you need good background on JS and its up to date syntax, in order to truly get into React.

Different people have different learning styles and preferences. I absolutely detest videos, so books (or better yet, exercises as FCC uses) are better for me.

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i watched that video and it was some good stuff. but tutorials dont do it for me. im watching someone else coding and not learning on my own… i prefer books because it helps me engage in writing my own code when i get stuck

The problem with react is they constantly change the api, so if you buy a book be sure it’s very, very recent (post-2019 at least).

Yeah I posted this a while back and I opted for online reading material instead . I understand they are leaning more toward hooks now

Yeah, as old fashioned as I am, I don’t recommend a book. I leaned by watching youtube videos - sometimes coding along - and by reading the very excellent react documentation. That, and I just started building react projects, making mistakes, and learning from them.


guess ill try giving videos another go. maybei m doing something wrong. but seems i fall into that category whya adam serkowitz call tutorial hell. where your passively watching but unable to retain the knowledge while trying to code yourself

Well tutorial hell happens to most people when they first start learning something new.

But it doesn’t sound like you have built anything on your own yet.

Books, docs, and videos are all great but at some point you do have to go build something on your own.

The first few projects you build on your own won’t be perfect.
I made tons of mistakes when I was learning react for the first time.

But what helped me was to build projects outside of class.
Even though I got stuck a lot and had to google a lot, that was what helped me get more comfortable with React.