Don't feel that I learn from reading books

Hey guys.
I learn fullstack and making a fullstack project with node Express Mongo + Android and Reactjs.
I saw the post of the user with the PI icon (sry I don’t mention here a name, I don’t remember it and I am on my phone right now) and his books list. I have mixed feelings about learning from books - it teaches me the right way Javascript and I learn concepts which I wouldn’t learn while coding, but I forget almost everything after a day.
(I’m talking about the you don’t know js series)
Does anyone else can relate to that? Should I keep learning js from programming without learning the concepts first or should I read the books first?

I can definitely relate to that, I find it more helpful to read a book once I have some understanding of a topic gained from hands-on experience. You get a more complete understanding of things you already know, and you have a framework to think about any new concepts the book introduces you to.

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DO both. If you want to remember something, you will have to repeat. Who told that you will remember things by only reading them once?

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I don’t have that much experience, but it seems to me that programming is mostly about this whole stuff that you call concepts. With out that, you are just learning syntax (which isn’t a huge achievement, tbh). You can’t really learn that much with out a solid theoretical background (and that applies to pretty much everything). And even if you finish a complex project, odds are that aside from learning some useful stuff, you also got yourself some pretty ugly habits and misconceptions.

I think your question should be something more like “How can I make learning from the books more effective”. :slight_smile:


Books are designed to give you information. Information is only the first half of the learning equation. The second half is training.

Information without training will not teach you anything. So, read the book and test yourself as you go. Train by writing actual code that uses the concepts you’re reading about.

Hope that helps.

You are in charge of your learning. You have to find the way that works for you.