Don’t like to read nor feel that I learn from reading books

Hello guys,

It’s been a while since I’ve been trying to read the YDKJS series but I can’t seem to read for more than a week. I really want to learn JavaScript before jumping into a framework like Angular/React/Vue but I’m really insecure about my knowledge on this matter even though I’m not a begginer, I’m a PHP developer and I know the basics of JavaScript (do what I need to do, like DOM manipulation, variables, functions, arrays, objects).

Does anyone else can relate to that? Does anyone have an opinion to help me? Maybe an advice?
Thanks guys

While I do pick up things from reading books, I do know what you mean.

I think the key is not just to read the book but hand type each example. This makes me think about how composers will sometimes study a work by copying it by hand, forcing them to notice every single note.

So, type out every example, don’t just cut and paste or download. And don’t move on until you understand every line. Change it, break it, make sure you understand it. Make each line your bitch.

If you aren’t learning anything from YDKJS, then you are either a JS master or it is just going in one eye and out the other. There is so much information in those books. Take some time. Maybe start with some easier books.

But don’t skip anything! All too often, we skip over things that we “kinda-sorta understand”. Don’t be in a hurry. We’re going for depth of understanding here, not to see how fast you can get through the book. You’ll learn more from deeply understanding on book than you will from skimming 10.

Yeah, I’m always trying my best to understand everything and as I said, I’m not a complete beginner but whenever I’m reading I always go back because I feel I’m not learning enough, I think I’ve tried to read the first chapter like 5 different times.

Maybe it’s just a feeling… when I first started with PHP I had a lot of troubles with MVC, I thought I couldn’t understand but one day I tried it out and everything worked out.

I think I’m just frustrated because I’ve been trying to read this book since last year and I couldn’t finish more than 3 chapters.

Well, I don’t know what your level of JS is, but I might suggest that the YDKJS is a little advanced, getting into the nitty gritty of how JS works under the hood and some advanced topics. I might suggest starting with some easier JS books to get you going. Eloquent JavaScript and Head First JavaScript are great.

There are many threads about books to read:

I’ll definitely check those threads out! Thanks!