Seeking a Mentor (React)

Hi. I am going through javascript part of FreeCodeCamp and want to start learning React and right now I am a little confused about the React itself, and need somebody to explain me a little about it and help if I would have some complicated problems to learn more efficient.
Will be very grateful if anybody would have time to help.

what resources have you tried to use for react? have you checked out kent dodds’ react courses? maybe udacity? it sounds like you dont need a mentor yet, you just need to pick a good course and go learn it.

I have just started learning React … I did the section on Freecodecampbeta plus i have watched this playlist
up to to react router (react router has changed to router v4) plus i watched his react/redux video playlist link below.
These are great … i also purchased his full course on Udemy for €9.99 on react and working through that at the moment
I also have done Vue so this makes learning React a lot easier.
only problem with react on his you tube is the way he sets up his projects is out of date and dosent work so i had to use create-react-app which works great and i could then practice what he is teaching.

npm install -g create-react-app // do this first to install on your computor
npm creat-react-app myfirstapp // this then to create the folder and then open in visual studio Atom etc and npm start
link to create-react-app is below

Other than that i can try and help out … would like to know if you have any backend experience creating servers and stuff or experience using npm / using command prompt have you node installed on your computor etc etc

How familiar with vanilla javascript are you?

If I am right, and you are working through the course and learning as you go, then right now I don’t think you should be thinking about learning React straight away… One thing at a time!

My two cents anways.

A lot of people are telling you courses to check out and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. I actually recommend finding a good course.

BUT I still think having a mentor, or just someone you can ask a question, would be 100x more beneficial when paired with a good course.

I don’t know how good of a mentor I could be but I can definitely try to answer any questions you have.


This is a good course but I find it pretty dense (although that’s probably a reflection of my JS skills…)

I’m working through this now and I’m trying to explain parts I think Kent goes through too quickly in my notes. If you’re interested I hope they help you.