Got a new job as a Front End Developer

Got a new job as front end developer and working on react.js for the first time and its tough :’(
anyone who can help me ? want to improve myself in react.js


Checkout these two great courses for React.

Codecademy has a free two-part React course which was my first exposure to React and I think it was very good.

Then I completed the FCC react section and did the front-end libraries projects with React

Doing the above will be a very good start but if you learn better with videos then it would be worth buying a Udemy course, your employer might even buy it for you.

However, even once you get the hang of React I feel like the general consensus is that a more than basic application requires implementation of React Router, and a flux pattern package like Redux.

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Are you following Dan Abramov (inventor of Redux, now on React’s core team, Hooks evangelist). He’s pretty active on Twitter and reddit

UPDATE: Fixed the reddit link - now goes straight to his posts, which is way more useful than his recent activity.

It may be a boring answer but their docs are really good.


Net ninja and official docs
After doing these, i was able to build FCC react projects and more.

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Yes we are ready then we will try doing it

Yep, after finishing react part 1 on codecademy, I am diving into it (react docs) before doing the part 2.