Do you know a course where you can learn to create native or Hybrid applications with Javascript?

Hello, I want to learn how to create an application for mobile devices for a store.
An application made with Javascript technology, React or any other framework, which can be installed on all devices, Android and iOs
Do you know of any course with which I can learn to do this?
Thank you.

getting started page from the react native docs look decent. just gotta go through it slowly.

you can also look for blogs on medium or maybe a youtube tutorial

assuming you already know regular React and how to use nodejs and npm or else you might have a rough time

flutter is suppose to be pretty easy to use

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It seems very interesting your link, flutter I will study your documentation well.
I wanted to go deeper into React, and to be able to create my store with this technology, I already did some practice and it would be easier for me to start something new.
Regarding the tutorials, I do not find any with which to guide me.
Thanks for the support.
A greeting.