If I wanted to learn Mobile App Dev then…

Hi all,
I have the long term goal of learning mobile app development. However, it was suggested to me to first learn frontend web development and later transition to mobile app, as the two have a lot of similarities but frontend has a gentler learning curve. What do you all think? Is this a good plan?

I am looking into this myself.
Here is a link that will help a lot.

I am 99% sure that yes, you need to learn front end development first and then transition to mobile app development.

Thanks for the link. I’m sure you could jump straight into it, but I get the feeling it may be easier to be familiar with front end first beforehand (I suppose mobile app development is a kind of frontend in itself)


you can’t go wrong with either. It’s easy to switch between mobile and front end for a good developer.

There are technical differences like screen sizes of course, battery consumption and the way the user interacts with the UI (mouse-click or touch), but the basics are the same, especially in the back end. Headless solutions like headless CMS that work on different devices are very popular.

The one big difference is your first language: On mobile it should be Java/Kotlin/Swift, front end JavaScript and its frameworks.

It’s up to you which one you want to learn first. You will find jobs for all above.

Well, I am also a software developer, and in my opinion, learning frontend web development before learning mobile app development is a very good option for beginners because at the time of web development, you can grab all basic requirements and can explore various things.
In conclusion I will say that if you will focus on your basics at the time of web development then it can help you at the time of mobile app development.
Happy Learning.

The first language is the hardest.

Its not so much the language itself, but learning how you learn, where to get help, reading documentation and experience building projects

Once you managed to build projects in one langauge, you will have a good foundation for learning other languages :slight_smile:

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