Mobile app or Web app

I am just starting my jurney in programming. What is better to learn: coding mobile apps or web apps? Both feel interesting to me, but I am not sure what is better to learn in current year.


Learning to code usually is the first “general” target, regardless of platform.

Later you can pick what sort of domain you’d want to focus on.

That said, in the overall scheme of things, mobile apps have slowly become more “niche” as each usually is designed for a specific platform. For example you’ll be an Apple Mobile developer or an Android Mobile developer.

On the flip side, web is available on all platforms and has slowly become more and more popular.

As such, I’d learn more toward the web development side of the two options, but I wouldn’t limit myself out of the gate.


Hello R_91! I strongly agree with bradtaniguchi.
And I support his suggestion on you starting with web apps first.
I too had that, trouble deciding but with proper research, good advice, and guidance, I saw reason to start with web dev.
you’ll find it less of hassle doing the mobile app field when the time comes

I i will suggest you start with mobile app you will definitely find it easier compared to web app developing

For a beginner, the best recommendation would be to go with web development.

The reasons are,

  1. Plethora of resources are available for the web than for mobile
  2. Learning web development is much simpler when compared to mobile app development
  3. Web app development requires a simple setup whereas mobile app development requires some good configuration machine

Both mobile and web app development are valuable skills to have in today’s technology-driven world, and both have their unique advantages and disadvantages. It ultimately depends on your personal interests and career goals.