Web development or android development?

What should i learn?
I like both but i don’t know wath path is better for me. I’m studying Javascript at school and Java with online courses. I really like to build apps for Android but websites aren’t bad.
I’ve taken some courses on Udacity to learn the basics of Android development.
I know Html, Css and something about Bootstrap.
Seeing this forum I have the impression that there are too many web developers in the world and few mobile developers. :grin:
Will the demand for web developers be high in the next 10 years? Or the mobile development is a better choice for the next decade? I’m still an high school student so i have time to learn.


I don’t think anyone can know the answer to these questions. Seriously.

Only you can know what you should learn, and the next 10 years are as far away from a technical perspective as the middle ages were from the 90’s. Maybe webassembly will blow up and Rust will be the new javascript, maybe cellphones will cease to be used for some other medium, maybe we’ll have telepaths and precogs.
If you’re unsure of what area you prefer, study a little more of each, do a few projects and figure it out what you’d rather do, both markets are profitable if you’re good enough.
This is a web development forum, so of course you will find more web developers than app developers, but that is not exactly because there are less app developers in the market.


Bro its totally up to you explore both and then decide which to dive in,

I chose Android because I can work offline on it- I don’t have great Internet.

I published some apps but gave up when I saw how little interest they got compared to the competition. You really have to handle your own marketing and Google will not even give you the badges to indicate you have leaderboards and vs matches.

I could cry all day about it but end of day, Android is a nice sand boxed environment with all the framework included, web -apps are finicky with browsers still and data intensive- if you aren’t regularly surfing the vast interweb it can be difficult.

That said there’s prolly more work in web-apps, Which is why I’m here, plus I’m fresh out of ideas for Android apps.

I could predict 10 years ahead but what worth would you attach to a prediction of a stranger who you met once on an internet forum?

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You could always go down the path of doing both. With something like Cordova/PhoneGap you can leverage what you know because you create your apps with HTML/CSS/JavaScript and can port to both android and iOS. There is also React Native.
Think about the money makers, something like Facebook is developed for both the web and mobile. Even if you go the Android route, web development skills might help with marketing your apps.

Aliens could be a thing too. For real. Also machine learning will be a huge thing.


This is just my own preference, but having done web development (using Java EE and Node.js) and native app development (iOS in Objective-C and Swift, Android in Java), I think app development is MUCH more fun. Like you, I suck at art. And as a result, fighting with CSS is a massive chore for me. Tools like Bootstrap make it easier, but not really more fun. Fortunately, Android has a style guide called Material Designwhich lifts a lot of the burden of creativity off the developer. Following the guidelines is just about all it takes to develop a pretty app.

But really, you should try both! You could even use your web skills to create a backend service for an Android app!

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I agree with other comments. Try to imagine what work you want to do every day. Maube it will help :slight_smile:

Yeah I think that’s true too cause I used to have such choise

Both are important and it will never in out of trend, but today’s time mobile development is more demanding because of large no. of mobile users and to connect or to reach new customer through apps whereas website development is also important for the business.

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Both have their own benefits but to go with you can use the technology flutter which is very good and you’ll see there are alot of benefits of having it.
The Google team came up with the biggest Flutter 1.12 release of the year in partnership with Brooklyn. Google Flutter release has come up with a drastic change.

This is upto you. You should have to decide what you want to become in your life. Both Android app development and web development have their own importance and future.
But the most important thing is what you want to do in your life. And my suggestion is that whatever you choose give your best to that.

I think everyone here will choose for themselves. And maybe it will even combine.

The answer to that question depends on your answer to these questions:

Why do you want to learn to code?
What are your goals as far as software development is concerned?

Even then, there will be no sure answer. At least not from us. However, it may help us to better advise you.

One safe bet at this point is to learn Java. It is used in both.

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