Is this also a good place for gaining skills for Android app development?

Just wondering If FreeCodeCamp was a good place for gaining skills to become an Andriod App developer. Should I complete the Front End Development Certification or not really? I ask because it seems like this site is more geared towards Web Development. My main reason for learning how to Code is for becoming an Android App Dev.

Thanks for any insight.

If you are interested in Android Development you should try out Udacity which has more focus on it

Thanks. Do you know if android developers get paid as well as Web developers? Also, are Android Devs in demand just as much? Just curious.

Well, it depends on the skills, country and many other things. Usually an Android Developer is paid more than a Web Developer, but it highly depends on the skills of the Web Developer aswell.

If a Web Developer has fullstack knowledge he can do a lot, he can also write almost-native applications for mobile phones.

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FCC has no content on Android development that I know of, but as already mentioned Udacity is a great resource for that. Although the Udacity Nanodegrees are quite expensive (and time-consuming), you can actually take the individual courses that comprise a Nanodegree for free, and Udacity has two related Nanodegrees, Android Basics and Android Developer.

For Android specifically, I don’t know how good Lynda or Udemy are, since I haven’t taken any Android courses on either of those platforms yet, but they do have a fair number of courses on the platform (Udemy has more than Lynda). There are definitely fewer resources for Android development on the Internet than for Web development, so it’ll be a bit more work to learn in comparison.

You didn’t say how far along you are as a programmer, but getting into Android does require a solid background in Java first, and XML won’t hurt either for that matter.

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