Anyone else thinking about doing software development outside of web development?

For me, I know I just don’t want to focus on web development or just any of the programming languages and technologies related to web development. I also want to focus on mobile development, developing security apps and desktop applications. What about you all?

Hi @noblegas87, for me it’s a bit the opposite.
I started in university with Java and desktop applications and I’ve done a bit of both mobile programming (Android through Java) and database management.
Parallel to that I self-learnt web programming (PHP, HTML, CSS, JS) and it has also been part of my previous job.
After a while I can say that I prefer much more to do web development rather than desktop apps.
I might want to tackle mobile development again, but now that I am familiar with React I think I’ll do it with React Native (which has also the benefit of being cross-platform), rather than with Java or Kotlin.

I am very drawn to the programming parts. (I’m just doing it for fun and because if you’re going to complain about educational software… well, unless you can come up with somethign that at least expresses your idea for improvement…)

I’m on the same boat. I even want to learn game development somewhere down the line. But I’m focusing on we dev right now and eventually branch out once I become proficient with it.

I think the easiest first step to do it is learning React Native for mobile app development, since it’s based on React which we would learn anyway in web development. No need to learn a new language or anything like that.

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I actually started out in my career by doing other types of development, but I ended up doing front end web work.

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