Where to start with app development?

Hi guys, I want to learn how to make mobile app and maybe someday i can make a living out of this skill. I don’t know where to start. I found out that i should learn java and android sdk kit. The problem is i never code anything before. I came across this site from google and this site recommend me to html basic. Should i go through all tutorials on this site before learning java? Is java the right thing to learn? Please point me to the right direction. Thanks.

android and ios needs different languages, if you are interested in doing both you will need to different skill sets

anyway, mobile apps, you can do them in various way. If you follow this curriculum, you could then go with React Native.

Otherwise you could learn other stuff for mobile apps elsewhere

anyway, you will need to start with a language somewhere, and once you learn one well, it is easier to learn others as many skills transfer

also, note that html is a markdown language. It is necessary, but not where the fun is.

This curriculum focus on web development and so on JavaScript. It teaches also the React framework (one of the JavaScript libraries and frameworks out there), relative of the React Native for mobile apps.

Hey @kn19h7, I strongly recommend you to watch this video from a Microsoft developer. I was wondering over the same subject no long ago when I found it on Youtube. It really clears things up for you when it comes to mobile development.

Cheers mate!