Roadmap to learn mobile develpment

Could you suggest a roadmap to learn app development (iOS)?

It would take 3-4 months to learn essential Java skills that lead to android programming. It will take 1 to 1.5 years to master the same. In summary, if you are a newbie, it is anticipated that it will take you two years to gain a good understanding of mobile development and begin working on OrientMCT projects.

To be successful, Android developers should have the following talents.

  • User interface design: You should be able to use Java and XML to turn a design into a working Android app.
  • Storage and notification of data:
  • Guidelines for Material Design:

I think Apple has some tools for aspiring developers. Even an intro like this.

The internet is full of resources all you need is a google search to get to them.

How much time it will take you depends on so many factors that it’s really hard to give you an approximate timeline. It mostly depends on how much time you’re willing to invest, how fast you can learn things, and if there are people with knowledge willing to help you out if you get stuck with something.

While investing any number of hours won’t guarantee that you achieve your goals I’m still pretty sure that working 8 hours per day gives you much higher chances to succeed than let’s say 1 hour :sweat_smile:

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The OP specifically mentioned iOS. There are plenty of courses teaching iOS - they cost money but would be a road map. I’m sure there are plenty of free videos on youtube, but may be less of a “roadmap”. But the most important thing is just to keep learning and building things.

For me, I took a different path to be a mobile dev. I learned React through FCC, then took the short leap to React Native which allows you to build apps on iOS and Android.

I wasn’t really sure what he meant by a roadmap. Initially, I thought about something like this. Also, I put the previous link because it states some of the technologies needed to get started. It looked to be close to a roadmap.

Sidenote: was it hard to transition towards React Native once you leaned react?

Not really. 95% of React Native is just React. The hardest part was getting the environment set up. You don’t have your familiar HTML elements, but use RN ones. The CSS is kind of a subset. Your thinking needs to change a little because it’s a phone screen. That’s about it. Once the env was set up, it was pretty easy.

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My question was wrong.
I meant:
Could you suggest resources to learn mobile development (iOS) or Android development?

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Between all that’s been said, you should have your answer.

Fastest way:

  1. Learn programming basics with Objective-C
  2. Learn OOP principles with Objective-C
  3. Make example couple of example apps through some simple tutorials
  4. Use third-party tools/libraries (google it) which are used by iOS developers for your tutorials.
  5. Make an app (does not have to be unique), try to use all things you learned for it.
  6. Buy a developer account and publish the app.

You’re officially an iOS developer. You can choose Swift in these steps instead of Objective-C. No HTML/CSS or Backend Knowledge is needed. However, I don’t think knowing only iOS is a good idea.

Tell me your opinion.
What should I know also If learned android / iOS development ?

If we’re talking iOS/Android, then I would half-agree that only learning iOS is a bad thing. There are plenty of iOS-only developers out there. But learning Android too would definitely make you more marketable.

But I 100% think that it is good to at least learn the basics of backend. Even a lot of frontend and mobile positions nowadays they want you to at least understand a little backend. I never fully understood REST and sockets until I wrote a few servers. A lot of things fell into place. It’s fine to put it off for a while, and I’m not saying you need to become an expert, but learning the basics should be on the agenda somewhere. Plus, being able to write a simple server will let you make MUCH more interesting demo projects.

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