How do you get an iOS development job?

I started learning Python on SoloLearn 4 1/2 years ago, went to Udemy, but ended up here at Free Code Camp as prep for a MERN stack boot camp. Since I didn’t find work, I ended up attending a Java boot camp as well. The first tech job I got was being a TA at Swift Playgrounds boot camps this summer for children – my background is education – and now I’m a TA for iOS development. However, I’m not actually sure how to enter the field. I’m an adjunct faculty member in line for full-time instruction, which I plan to do as a service to the community, but not a career. I want to be an actual programmer.

If anyone has entered mobile development as a job, please let me know how you did it.


I became a mobile developer. I did FCC, so I learned React. From there I learned React Native. Then built a couple of silly apps and put them on Google Play. That got me a few feelance RN jobs. Those helped me land a job as a mobile developer, using React Native.

You said “iOS development” which to me implies “pure native”. I would suggest:

  1. Learn Objetive-C.
  2. Learn Swift.
  3. Start building goofy little apps and publishing them.
  4. Keep trying to do more complicated apps that force you to learn new things.
  5. Look for freelance work.
  6. Apply for “real” jobs.
  7. Keep polishing your resume, etc.

Basically keep looping the last 4 as needed. If you can do a little backend work to support you mobile apps, even better.

I’m no expert, but that’s what I’d recommend.


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