Best place to learn iOS development?

I’m still planning on working for my certificates on freeCodeCamp, but since it’s the summer, I have a lot of free time, and I think some pretty interesting app ideas. Does anyone know of a good online web course or youtube playlist or anything of the liking to get me started into making some basic iOS apps? What language do they use now, Swift?

Objective C and Swift. You can use Xamarin with C# or Visual Basic to accomplish similar.
Objective C is harder but native IOS language, Swift is modern and easier.
Pluralsight, Pluralsight, Pluralsight - if you have money it’s well worth it.

Thanks for the tip, I think I’m either going to give Objective C or Swift a try. I don’t have enough money for pluralsight although it does look amazing, my student budget would be crippled by the monthly or yearly fee. Before I get in too deep, do you recommend swift or objective C more for saving user data?

If you have time at your hands go for Objective-C. It won’t be easy but if you grasp it to some level, Swift you will get more easier. I recommend to learn both because Objective-C is native IOS language and MacOS like WindowsAPI in C for Windows. You will then upgrade your skills woth Swift faster and you will round up whole pack. Just don’t give up on Objective-C it is heart and soul of IOS and MacOS application development.


Sounds great, thanks for the tips

You should take the free Stanford course for developing iOS apps with Swift. Standford iOS class

You can get a free Pluralsight account for 3 months! -