13 year old needs advice!

Hey there!!!
Its me again, so I have a quick question: Is web development in websites and apps still profitable and worth it? Because you can go on Wix and create a site that looks good. Is it still relevant to become a web developer in 2017, or is it time that the career retires? Does HTML and CSS have an edge over these site builders??

I want to be an intern at Google, what programming languages should I focus on really hard. I want to have an edge over other candidates. (This question is similar to the one I asked earlier, but I forgot to add this part)

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Just to save everyones time - have a look at this:

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If your goal is to work at Google, you might find this video interesting. And this one talks specifically about the languages that would be helpful.

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Hey there!
I want to know what employers look at in a candidate when he/she applies. Do they look at experience the most? Or do they follow the age-old tradition that “you must have a bachelors to apply.” Thanks,
Also, how can I manage programming and school so my grades don’t go down the hill.

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