Anyone out there;

Does anybody get a job with HTML+CSS with over 30+ age here?

I feel like a stuck… my brain doesn’t like me

@minstory99, 30+, that sounds so young to me. :grin:

I’m 50+ and I am changing career. Not for the first time. I did something similar around 30 when I became a nurse.

It can be hard work to learn something new. But brains are flexible. They just need a bit more time at the start when you’re older, unless you keep learning and studying of course.

You’ll get there!


thank you very very much for your kind reply. good luck to you :slight_smile:

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You won’t be competitive. Plus, sorry to say this but a web page without JavaScript is dull. Give yourself time and just learn. Have patience you will be an awesome developer in no time.

Remember, taking it slowly and consistently will take you very far! And, like that other guy said - 30 is still young!! You got this! This community is always willing to help :wink:

You can earn income working as freelance developer also !

And I don’t think anyone is going to ask you for your age if you are working as freelance.

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