Can i find a job

Hi everyone,

My name is Willie, i’m 31 years old, and i’m begin learning to code Html, CSS and JS because i like it, i feel motivated and i think thats that what really matters.

i want some advice, tips, comments or whatever. I want to know if at my age it’s possible to get a job doing this. i mean not right now but eventually

I haven’t done it myself (yet), but it seems possible.

If you like solving problems and are willing to work hard and sacrifice your free time for the foreseeable future - yes. If you get frustrated when you encounter difficulties, give up easily and can’t sit in front of a PC and focus for long periods of time - no.

Age does not matter, what matters is your discipline, personality and your ability to learn. It’s going to be harder to get a job unless you network well, because you will be competing with fresh grads, so you will have to work extra extra hard to make up for that. You sure it’s worth it?

People who start doing this for the money usually give up sooner or later. Make sure your heart is in the right place and you are doing this for the right reasons, because if you can’t enjoy your first 6 months of learning working FT as a developer in production will seem like pure hell to you, even if you happen to land that job :stuck_out_tongue: