In the last project in html and css. Feels scared and exited

I cant wait for what’s ahead of me in my coding career but I am exited and nervous. Especially since I am young(13).

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First of all, congratulations - this is difficult at any age. And it’s going to get more difficult - but for the right personality type, that’s what makes it fun. And the difficulty is what makes it such a rewarding and good paying career.

And I’m jealous - you are so lucky to know what you want and be pursuing it at such a young age. If you keep on this path, you will have a huge head start over your peers.


Hey! Same here, it’s fairly easy, HTML and CSS are entertaining, Projects are bound to be scary(I ranted so long while doing my 4th project especially)!

That’s not true completely, I’m 13 and one of my friends already knows C++, Linux Command Line and Python and I am here struggling with JavaScript everyday.

I can technically say that I “know” JavaScript, C, and Python but I am not about to be running out and applying for a dev job for any of those languages just yet.

It takes years to really dive deep into those languages and create complex projects or solve real business problems. Because at the end of the day that is what the job is.

Professional developers get paid to solve problems. They just happen to do it with code.

So, I think you guys are doing fine.
Just keep learning and building.


The fact that I will have a head start is true. Most people of my age play games these days. Well I played a lot of games when I was 10. But there are some people of my age that are very talented.
I will have some what of a advantage if I start now. I actually tried to code at 10. But I did not understand so I decided I will start at the age of 13. Hopefully there is a bright future ahead of me. As well as you.

We’re the same age, I used to play games when I’ve studied for long and need to get my mind out of “study mode”, I am certain that you’d have read the quotes they show on the FCC Homepage, I loved one of them that said “There is no difference in between a person who does not read good books and the person who cannot read”, or something along those lines. I don’t game any longer though.

So did I, I was offered to learn Coding back then, but denied it thinking that there’s no point in learning things in which you don’t want to use it. And, it felt like rocket science at the time, you know what the programmers in movies are like(as unrealistic as possible).

Where are you at ? I just got my first certificate and just started java. :smile:

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Dude, it is about keeping the work up not quitting

Giving up is the only sure way to fail. --Gena Showalter

And instead of being nervous, imagine if you keep the work up, by 18 you will have an experience of 5 years in coding

Side advice: try to focus on one thing

Cool! I am at regular expressions in JavaScript at the moment, and I think you might have confused JavaScript with Java, both are different, although many people confuse them at first, Java is not taught at freecodecamp. JavaScript’s purpose is to make your webpages interactive, you can develop stuff where you don’t need to store and handle Data. Java is a low level language(high level languages like JavaScript and Python are converted into low level code and then processed).

People who love Java would not like the fact that I called it "Boring", just so you know what you're signing up for.

Java can be used for Web development, and building Apps, I don't have much interest in learning Java because It needs much more code.
public class Java {
  public static void main(String[] args) {
    System.out.println("Random String of Java I didn't want to type");

A string in JavaScript -

const JavaScript="Different purpose for the 2 languages, hence they can't be compared"

I am glad out school teaches us computer science, I’m dropping it next year

(Computer Science isn’t bad, but learning an interesting subject from a textbook doesn’t entertain me)

because throughout 9th and 10th all they’ll teach will be Java, which is the most boring thing ever as it’s lengthy and Python which is taught in freecodecamp in the future and has more scope in the future(As per me atleast) because of it’s uses in Data Science and Machine Learning, and it needs much less code, I unfortunately don’t know any python and hence cannot give you an example of it.
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im a fast learner, and at the moment I do home remodeling. i feel quiet confident in learning how to code, its HOW i use this knowledge in the real world is where it seems hazy and unclear. i dont know who or how i communicate with the right people for hire

I’m not sure if you’re asking how to apply your theoretical knowledge to making a web app, or if you’re asking how to find a job. In any case, there are many posts on those subjects. Please check those out and start your own question if you still need help.

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thank you for the response. I will do so.
I was asking more about how to find a job indeed, although I digress, I still must complete the course. In which I am very confident I will complete