Best place to look for a job (for a Canadian willing to relocate ANYWHERE)?

I’ve seen several posts now of people finding jobs shortly after finishing the Front End Developer certification (sometime even before finishing), and since I am getting close to finishing it myself, I’m starting to think about applying for jobs.

Ideally, my dream job would be to work remotely, but I understand that that might not be possible right out of the gate. If not, then where would be the best place for me to search for a job? I am 100% free and willing to relocate and live anywhere in the world. In fact, not just “willing” but there’s nothing I would love more than to go to a new place and experience living and working there. From what I understand, the US has one of the strongest demands for devs and companies are willing to pay a premium but I’ve also heard that it’s nearly impossible to get a work visa for a job like this. I don’t know if one can get around that by being “self-employed” and working on contract?

Where else would be the best places to start looking? The questions that come to mind are:

  1. Of course it has to be a place where getting a work visa is not too difficult. Ideally the employer would handle it. As a Canadian (residing in Japan right now), how hard would it be to get permission to work abroad? In which countries would the process be relatively easy? Or should I just stick to looking for a job in Canada and Japan?

  2. If it’s possible to word abroad, in which countries/cities is there a very strong demand (perhaps driving higher than average salaries) for entry-level devs?

Any information or suggestion would be appreciated!

As a fellow Canadian, I wouldn’t discount Canada right away. Victoria, Toronto, Vancouver, and Calgary seem to have fairly healthy Web Dev industries. :slight_smile:

Some examples:

And those are advertised jobs, I can imagine the hidden job market would be more sizeable.


Thanks for the links joechan3!

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not discounting Canada at all. In fact, I’m thinking about going back to visit family this summer and sending out feelers while I’m there.

I’m just exploring possibilities at the moment to see what they are so I know where to focus my energy. Different places have different markets. If there happens to be a place by a beautiful beach and the demand is so strong that getting a job is much easier than elsewhere AND they pay 30% above the average, then that would be certainly get my attention! haha! One can dream, can’t he? :grin:

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While I am not from Canada I did read an article a few weeks ago about Toronto aiming to become the start-up capital of Canada. I would say that might be a good place to start looking anyways.


Not too long ago I read that Australia is on a mission to grow population and increase their engineering/tech industry and offering bonuses and stipends for people to move there and work. It shouldn’t be too hard to find more info about it but sounds like they would be very motivated in getting all the particulars out of the way to get you there. One of my best friends moved there and loves it!


Just curious OP how you are living in Japan currently? I am fascinated with Asia and would love to live and work there one day. I was curious what brought you there now, how you like it, and if, being there, you having any insight into the market for software engineering jobs in Japan/Asia.

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Australia would be awesome. Actually, I love traveling so anywhere would be awesome. LOL.

I wonder, how would one go about finding a job “anywhere”? Or does one need to look at each country specifically? I have looked around on Indeed, etc., in foreign countries, but there’s no mention of visas (no surprise) probably because they default to looking for a local. It would be great if there was a site that listed jobs for any nationality applicants (where the employer would take care / help with the working visa process).

Did your friend look specifically at Australia or did he/she just happen to stumble across it by chance?

I’ve been teaching ESL here for 20 years. Like anywhere, there’s good and bad but overall, it’s a lot of good in Japan. The people are polite and generally courteous, crime is virtually non-existent, the food is excellent, COL is not as high as you’d expect if you don’t mind living in a small apartment that isn’t in the middle of everything, there is enough weird/wacky/amazing/beautiful/awesome stuff around to keep you busy forever… I could go on but you get the point.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any information for you regarding soft-eng jobs here. Sorry. After 20 years, it’s time to move on so I’m not even looking into it. Unless someone comes along to offer me a LOT of money or the most amazing situation in another respect, I’m not particularly interested in working here anymore. Not at the moment, anyway.

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That’s really cool thanks for the information! I’ve been contemplating teaching English in Korea next year for a while now, as I debate if I want to give myself more time for self-education (prolonging the point at which I would begin a career in tech) or want to try and find a job sometime next year.

I’ve heard FCC has strong communities in Korea, and I love Korea and would love to live there, making this idea very attractive. Then again, I also do want to begin a career as a developer and living in the U.S. I think I would probably be able to find a job here (I’m happy to relocate anywhere) 6-10 months from now given my current progress assuming I continue studying (which I will).

One thing to try is to find companies you would be interested to work for that have international offices. Could drop by and talk to HR departments about your interest but for a position in Australia.

Don’t forget Waterloo :wink:

If you are still interested in Australia I can get you in touch with my friends that live there.They are both engineers/business leaders.

Sorry for bringing up the old topic, but the relocation problem is more than actual for me now. As I was looking for a job abroad (to be more precise, in the USA), I found out that there are all-in-one relocation platforms for devs, such as For every popular destination, there is a list of vacancies, along with some useful info about the country itself. I find it more active than browsing offers on LinkedIn or elsewhere — on such job boards, there are only those companies, which are willing to relocate you.

P.S. By the way, have the topic starter found a job outside Canada? :slight_smile:

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Interesting topic, I would to work abroad for a few years at least, I love going to new places and meeting people from different culture. I wonder if it would be possible for a self-taught developer to get visa sponsorship, usually a degree is required and that really sucks :confused:

I would like to know if someone without degree has been able to get visa sponsorship to work abroad.