How to find a job in another country?

My current situation is this:

I live in Gran Canaria with my parents and no money, I love my island, I think I am very lucky to live here but all jobs here are tourism related(work in hotels, restaurants, etc) and few developer job offers, I would like to work in another country in EU or EEUU or Canada, I have european citizenship so I think an European country would be easier.
I finished Front-End here and currently doing Back-End, also I finished a 2 years degree in multiplatform software development(I learned java, databases and android mainly) and I have my portfolio updated in github page with all my projects there too.

How can I find a job in another country?

ehh, I’m not an expert in the job front but you may look for remote job openings or visa sponsorship jobs. Good luck!

A lot of job boards allow you to search for jobs that offer relocation and visa sponsorship. Check out the Stack Overflow job board, I know it has options for this.

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If you have an EU citizenship, this shouldn’t be hard. I would suggest two possibilities:

  1. Just move. Pick a country with a decent tech-scene and just go. Work regular jobs until you break in. I would think this would be your best option. If you’re single or without children, this is absolutely your best option. Why not just do it? Fortune goes to the bold.

  2. Apply remotely, and hope for relocation expenses. This would seem harder as you’re asking your prospective employer to take on the financial risk of you moving. It also limits your options as you can only choose a company willing to relocate you.

  3. Work remotely on contract, and try to earn a full-time slot with that company. This might be a better plan than option #2.

Whatever your decision, good luck to you! You sound like you have a solid entry-level skill set, so if you have a portfolio to match and EU citizenship anyway, you’re most of the way there already.

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