Best place to practice python

Hey just watched a python video from freecodecamp now it’s time to practice python. What is the best place to practice python as a beginner? And if u have a cheatsheet for pythin

Thank you

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Maybe search for “learn python online reddit” and see a lot of feedback from people over there.

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Python homepage have good tutorials and community.

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Hi @suryadevelops !

The best type of practice is building projects.

You can get started with these beginner projects from freecodecamp and then you can move onto building your own small projects.


Thank’s for the recommendations. I really appreciate it.

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This is a great question!

I strongly recommend coming up with an idea for something you would like to create.
It doesn’t have to be unique. Often the best way to learn is to try and replicate an existing product (without copyrighting of course!).

Some ideas:

  • a command line calculator
  • a calculator with buttons
  • a small word processor application
  • a image processing application
  • a chat application

Then, what you want to do is start creating. Research the things you don’t understand.
So if you are creating a calculator and you want to know how to make a form,
Google “How to make a form in python”
or a button:
“How to create a button in python”

Finally, have GRIT.
Grit is a term often used by universities to describe the persistence and determination necessary to complete schooling.
Learning a language is no different, and I strongly recommend that no matter how hard it gets, keep at it. If it (whatever it may be) doesn’t make sense, search around the web until someone explains it in a way that it does!

Just a suggestion, a great start is to create your own chat app.
It is a complicated task for a beginner, but you can start with the easy stuff and you will learn fast!


Thank u @triangle4studios

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You are most welcome!

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