Need a practice python tutorial

Im the type of guy that is hands on with learning. I can read and study all day but if Im not working or building something I lose interesting. So Im looking for something to recreate or building using python. While Im still learning the program. Anybody know any good practice sites or website that will let you rebuild some thing?

If you want to practice basic programming challenges (similar to FCC) but for python, I recommend sites like codewars. You can learn a lot from looking at “winning” solutions, even after you solve it yourself.

But I learned more building things with python, rather than small programming tasks. If your just starting out you might get very stuck very fast, but you will force yourself to learn far faster than any other method. (or you give up, but thats another story) I learned more building things than reading books, or doing online tutorials.

Something as simple as an “adding machine” or “calculator” are good starting points. One of the best features of python is the extensive suite of libraries available to it, and its ability to be used for almost any task. Because of this, you can do almost anything you want in python in some way or form. So you could push yourself by setting up a very difficult project for yourself, and learning your way to victory. Again this is probably going to result in you having a tough time, but learning a lot

You can make GUI versions of an adding machine, or a calculator, or terminal varients, or a tic-tac-toe game, or a slot machine in the terminal, in a GUI or a website.

The best part of learning programming is you can do whatever you want. Even if you dont know how to build it now, or hell how even to start, then google it up and start the grind :smile:

Hi! it’s not a website but a mobile app. I don’t knowif it is that much of help. I have been using “Sololearn” to learn different programming languages (python is available) and I made a big progress. the course is devided into locked sections, next course is unlocked by answering correctly the previous’ lecture questions. and with every course there is a “try it yourself” section where you can modify the code and experiment with but you stay in the same lecture content. I highly recommend it!