Python problems

Hi guys…Ive already finished some of python basics and much fewer of advanced lessons…WHERE could I find some problems to solve for practice…
Thanks in advance

@Ahmad4 You can start building your own projects. That will give you some practice for your Python skills. Build something that is useful to you. If you need to see the weather report build a weather application. If you like to play cards build a card game. If you need a tool to transcode video build it with Python. If you have a large movie/music collection create an Python application to save that information in a database.

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There are projects at the end of the FreeCodeCamp python courses (if you haven’t done them already). You could also try making a simple video game. This is what I did after getting a foundation in python, and they opened my view on python more than any course could do. also has a ton of practice problems ranging in difficulty levels, topics, as well as different languages. There are other sites similar to edabit, I was able to find a bunch with just a Google search.

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