Best practice for (automated) explorative data analysis

I am not that experienced in data analyses and am looking for your advice on how best to approach an explorative analysis to understand the differences better between customers of a certain vertical.

Specifically, we have ca. 100 columns that are partially filled for ca. 3000 customers that are distributed unevenly across ca. 20 different categories (from 20 to 600 per category). We would like to understand the differences in product usage a bit better for potentially deriving insights for our pricing & packaging.

Can you recommend a certain tool to run such an analysis? It seems like GPT4 was struggling to run logistic regression analyses due to the imbalanced data with missing values and it also was not able to run it on all columns at once. But maybe another tool is a bit smarter? Can you recommend some statistical methods that might work better on such a data set, rather than logistic regression?

I recommend that you don’t try to use GPT to do the analysis for you.