Best resources to learn design

I have a comfortable grasp of HTML and CSS. Slowly working on javascript, but what are some good resources to learn the design aspect of everything? It’s great if i know how to make things work and put things in the places they need to be but if I don’t know what looks good whats the point. Any recommendations?

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Hi there

The best will be to learn some photoshop, there are many free vids on youtube or if you have money teamtreehouse can help as well. From my experience i will say the best will be to take a layout you like, printscreen that page and redesign it in photoshop. have some of the best layouts there is.

That’s how i learnt to do decent good looking front end designs in photoshop. You can see an example of a design i just finished for my portfolio page, that i will start building soon here

I hope this will help you and good luck

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If you are really willing to be a professional designer, can refer the online resources related to designing.
Following listed are the graphic design resources.


I got a lot from this video:


David Dabner, sandra steward, abbie vickress and steve jobs they wrote a couple of books if i where u i would take a look at those names and read there books