Need resources for learning design

I am terrible at visually designing my projects. I have been throwing a functional interface together and then focusing on the javascript because of how little I understand design. For me web design is a lot like interior decorating, When I walk into a nicely decorated house I can tell it has been well decorated, that it is aesthetically pleasing and has value, but if you put me in an empty house and told me to decorate it and put together a color scheme I wouldn’t even know where to begin. I really need some resources that I can reference when designing my websites/apps that lay out some general principles to follow and things to avoid so that I can get some general ideas on how to make a professional looking interface. I know I am not going to blow any minds with my design, but I do want to get to a point where they aren’t so ugly that they distract from the function that I want my app/page to perform.

You can read about Material Design

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I had similar trouble. But i am getting hang of it.

This video from Devtips might help you.

The Q/A section to be precise, the link will take u there.

I just picked up the book “Design for Hackers” by David Kadavy. It’s looking like a good investment so far. It’s not a coding book, but a book that explains stuff like color theory, proportions, composition, design principles and typography… stuff I know nothing about… yet!
When I checked out his website before ordering the book, I noticed he has a free e-mail series starting Monday about how to avoid the 10 most common design pitfalls.
Found that here…