How to Learn Web Design Techniques/Rules?


While FCC has been amazing at teaching me programming fundamentals in the various Web Development languages, one topic I feel is often overlooked is Web Design. Having an “eye for aesthetics” can be seen as an unteachable talent but I prefer the opposite view. It’s a skill like any other - having its own tenants and rules to learn and follow, capable of being improved upon no matter where you start off.

So with that being said, I was wondering if anyone had any tutorials/guides/other resources they used to help them learn design techniques and rules? I’m talking anything from color matching to design patterns. i have done quite a few projects as it is but I find my sites lacking aesthetically and am looking to change that. Any help is very much appreciated :slight_smile:

I was wondering the same thing, and considered writing a post here asking the same question. I’m coming from a background in fine-arts, which while aesthetic, is more conceptual and less analytical than design is (at least where I got my undergrad was), so is not the most transferrable skillset.

Digging around last night, I came across Hack Design, which looks like covers a lot of the topics we may be interested in for giving our projects that aesthetic shine. I’ve only skimmed it, though, so can’t speak too much to its overall worth – hoping to spend some more time this holiday weekend.

I am currently taking an online Graphic Design course with a teacher that I have a lot of respect for. Although you won’t have access to the assignments she is giving us, all of the videos are available on YouTube at

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Thank you @alightedlamp and @shreecheryl Your suggestions look like exactly what I’ve been looking for.!

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A little late with the answer to the question, but I think that someone will come in handy. Good blogs about web design, web design trends and