Best resources to learn HTML and CSS

I need advice on the best resources to learn HTML and CSS.

I know there are many on the internet. But I need this advice from a Front End expert - not to waste time.

What free resources will guide me from zero to hero?

Hi, Youtube video lessons,Udemy Html & CSS courses is free^^
But i recommand that you should buy books or courses for example on udemy.

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It’s kind of a known rule of thumb between some of the communities out there that W3shcool is working great when you are first getting introduced by what HTML/CSS is.

To master it you can definitely start with FCC lessons since they’re interactive they’re really the best next step along with some online courses out there, as long as they have some projects or some online environment that you’re actually coding.

After weeks or months of practicing with these I definitely recommend CSS-Tricks. It’s a known community getting deep into CSS by explaining things very easy. It might be a little bit hard at first to navigate there to find what you want but it gets handy.

Over there, there’s a list of some introductory articles and GitHub repos all over the web so you can deepen your knowledge even more.

Let us know here if you still had hard time finding what you were looking for and Good Luck :call_me_hand:

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