Best External Resources for HTML/CSS

I’ve gone through the basic codecademy and free code camp sections on HTML and CSS, and have completed my tribute page project.

I’m wondering what are the best resources people have found to expand on the basic knowledge after completing these courses. Is there an easy to navigate list somewhere that I can search through to find new elements that I may not have used yet? Is there a website that has tutorials that you’ve found are really helpful at helping you improve and build on your basic skills?

I know a lot of people just say to come up with an idea and try and build it, use read, search, ask and figure it out as you go along, but if there are particular resources that you have found really useful in that process that’s what I’m looking for.


There are endless resources on the web… you can always go for and StackOverflow :slight_smile:

The Net Ninja youtube channel is very good.

After that, I’d go straight for the MDN Docs. They have a fairly lengthy series on learning web development.