What outside resources do you use?

Hey everyone. I’m fairly new to FCC and am about to start the basic projects. It seems to me like the tutorial challenges here will not give all the knowledge you need to do the projects. I understand that part of being a developer is independently searching for other sources to accomplish a problem.

So my question is what are some good resources out there you use to help complete these projects? I already know about StackOverflow btw.

Thanks for your help!.

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I really like MPJ’s videos on YouTube. His channel is mpjme. He offers a mix of tutorials, discussion, and ‘watch-me-code’ videos about JavaScript every good Monday morning.

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If your really fresh. I would suggest: No. 1 - Google is your friend. No. 2 - w3schools. No. 3 - Stackoverflow for the edge cases. I use them all constantly, and im not all that fresh. Also, advice I need to take, never feel bad about having to look something up. Code on my friend.


Thanks for all your help guys!

I use various learn to code apps on my phones (iphone and android). They’re like duolingo but for programming. You can find them by looking up Learn HTML or Learn CSS in the app/play store. (They also have apps for JS, SQL, PHP, Python, etc.)

I’ve also tried treehouse, which I loved and would have continued with if my library hadn’t discontinued their subscription.

Udemy has some great free and cheap video courses that you can download to your pc or phone or stream, and each course usually has a designated Q&A area if you get stuck.

Codecademy is another great resource.

Honest to goodness, though, the way I originally learned HTML was through w3. It’s not the flashiest, but it got the job done.

The Odin Project also lists some great resources in it’s Front End section, so you might try checking those out, too.

All of the above resources don’t just cover HTML and CSS. They offer tutorials and sometimes even support through learning both the front and back end of web design and development which is super helpful if you get stuck on a problem or need help understanding certain topics.

Anyways, hope these help! And best of luck to you!


I tried treehouse too, but left it because they teach you like an elementary school teacher compared to its competitors (i.e. Codeschool)

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These are my favorite resources(google, w3 schools, stackoverflow) to use too. I also use Mozilla Developer Network from time to time.

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YouTube. Seriously there are some university lectures in there that cleared a lot of stuff for me.


browse ALL the stack overflow.
And yeah, there’s some gems in youtube too, depending on what you’re looking for

I use Lynda.com, Code School, Codecademy, Udacity and others.
You will find all of the links and the article about additional resources here:

I am using :

  • free books (or free to read online)
  • official documentation
  • relevant youtube channels
  • Udemy courses
  • algorithms websites like codewars
  • generally, any resource that could help me, like edX, Mongodb university, etc.

Also, I don’t think I am skilled enough to understand and study source code like jQuery, but once I get better at JavaScript, I will definitely add this resource to my list.