Best VPN for China

Do you peeps know any good working vpn for china?

I used express vpn for the last couple years there. Pretty much anything will do, just check online reviews for the current year. As well, make sure you download and install before you get there, since they’re not available for download behind the firewall.

The govt still has the ability to bring them all down for a week or two at a time, and they do several times a year. Usually this occurs around major party meetings and anniversaries of a certain tragedy.

As well, I believe, even though they’re widely used, they are still technically illegal. I’m not sure if the forum’s TOS apply to this sort of discussion. If so, I apologize.

Express VPN use to work well in past years but recently their servers have become very unreliable, we have constantly check with their support on which servers to use. They have grown very big now so they are frequently shot down by Chinese authorities and it is also very expensive for the service they are providing for China. You can check out Switch ( which was suggest by many of my colleagues in China and its 50% cheaper than express and more reliable as its less known.

The problem is clearly blocked sites because your region doesn’t allow you to gain access to Costco, Shop, Macys, Ralphs, USPS. You can resolve it by utilizing some good VPN so you would be able to gain access to all these. Go for NordVPN, as I think it would work in your case. Its current products match or beat the struggle in just about every area.
For more info try You get a selection of over 5,400 servers in 60+ states, 2048-bit encryption, 6-device provision as standard, robust DNS leak protection, kill switches (app-specific and system wide), proxy delays for Chrome and Firefox browsers, and with payment choices that comprise Bitcoin, PayPal and credit cards.
There’s moreover a firm, smart DNS-like SmartPlay aspect which can be utilized to get around geo-restrictions and free a large number of streaming and other services.

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