Github blocked in China now? Log in via Github times out

Hello folks.
Maybe members in China can confirm whether Github is blocked in China now. I cannot log on to the forum or course using Github, and the Github website times out.


Thanks for your suggestion. I forgot to mention the VPN. I use one when I need to, but the point is that a method of access is now denied. What about users in China who do not have a VPN?

I had to google it and it turns out it’s indeed blocked. This is absolutely crazy!

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Thanks for checking. Thankfully there’s no Google in China, so I use privacy-centric search engines: Qwant and Searx, even with a VPN. Perhaps the Chinese government consider Github to be a threat. I suppose all kinds of messages could be stored in users’ repos.

It is good that there are alternative login options to FCC and the forum. Back to Google, it’s APIs are often blocked as well, so those that use reCaptcha and rely on Google spy & stalkware cannot be used without a VPN.

Hello @leebut
There is no problem if many sites blocked in China! you just need one thing: Tor
Tor is a secure, free/libre software for open blocked sites and become anonymous in the Internet.
To get started, I suggest downloading tor-browser (a bundle of firefox, tor, configures, …), it makes your job much easier.

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Reminder; Your local laws might be different from others posting here.

Be Safe and don’t pick a VPN from a random suggestion. Tor (onion) is legit tho


Tor egress nodes are blacklisted by a number of networks, including Freenode and Discord, so you might not want to use it for everything.

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Thanks for the replies. I have tried Tor, but it never connected to the Tor network. I do use a VPN in situations when I’m forced to. That list has got longer.

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After install tor-browser click on configure.
Undoubtedly tor is blocked in China so enable options like the picture below:


Finally click on connect.

Did all of that, but thanks anyway.

UPDATE: Github is now working again from China.

It’s a China… By the way Github still blocked for me without VPN service. I don’t know why :frowning:
Internet Provider - China Mobile.

It’s working for me right now via China Unicom.
Tor is working now, as slow as it is.

Thank you for the feedback. Will talk with my landlord to switch to China Unicom.

The problem could be regional.
Perhaps you should ask someone you know who uses China Unicom in your area before you switch ISP to make sure Github loads. Also, if you know someone who uses China Telecom outside your region, ask them to visit the site.

Yes, that makes sense :slightly_smiling_face: Thank you for the advice.

As a lot of people before me said, just use VPN. It’s not so hard. I recommend SurfShark.