is unavailable in China

As A Chinese student in the United States, I really love this website, but during the summer, I went back to Beijing for vacation, and I found that is blocked by the Great Firewall of China. All the other features works fine, like the and the main page. Just when I have some problem and want to find the solution, I can’t.
Is it because some google based thing or it’s just blocked for no reason? I know sometimes a lot of fine website are also blocked. Actually my school’s website is blocked :slight_smile: lol :tongue:

The forum is hosted on a different service than the FCC application and the government may be blocking that entire service. Russia also blocks this forum:

Weirdly enough, Russia already unbanned the FCC forum, but yeah, it was blocked for maybe almost half a year.

It was the same thing — main page and the were always running no probs, only the forum was screwed. VPN all the way, my Chinese comrade!

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