FCC forum is blocked in Russia?

Good day everyone. It seems like the FCC forum is inaccessible from Russia, I have to use VPN to reach it. At the same time the main FCC domain (https://learn.freecodecamp.org/) is accessible no probs. I’m having this problem for a while (about a couple of months), it’s not bothering me because of VPN, but I think you should know about the issue. Other campers from Russia might be confused.

Thanks for letting us know. We had another user point this out recently as well. We don’t do anything to block by region, and have had users register from IP addresses in Russia previously. The most likely answer is that your ISP is blocking your access. Usually this isn’t a matter of your ISP blocking our domain specifically, but the service that we use to host our platform. (The curriculum and the forum are hosted separately.) While we do block specific IP addresses that are being used by spammers or abusers, we would never block a region.

Sidebar: any Americans on here who haven't been contacting your representatives about Net Neutrality, this shit is why you should.

I have a possible explanation — our “caring” government is currently at war with the certain messenger, trying to block it in Russia with mixed success. By mixed I mean that it rageblocked hundreds of IP’s not used by messenger while trying to get the right ones, including Nintendo, Amazon and many others. It’s highly likely that FCC forum got caught up as well.

I’m really sorry to hear that. One of the things I love about this community is how it has brought people from different places, cultures, and circumstances together. I am always frustrated and saddened when something gets in the way of that.

The forum is on a separate IP address from learn.freecodecamp.org.

Forum is on Digital Ocean’s cloud network, and the learn site is on Rackspace hosting.

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Thank you, but our Boyars graciously decided to unblock FCC Forum, at least for now. :pray::crown:

might be your ISP blocking it just change your IP

Welcome Matthew :smiley: check your problem in support category

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